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All Vets Club raising money to help get WWII veteran to his reunion

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Jamestown, ND (WDAY TV) - Veterans in Jamestown are pooling their money to get an elderly World War Two Vet to a reunion with his old unit.

98-year-old Ernie Hubacker says it might be their last.

Ernie Hubacker/WWII Veteran: "I didn't really expect to go."

He's only a little over a year shy of 100, but Hubacker is sharp as a tack and about as independent as you can be.

Even so, he was relieved to hear the All Vets Club is raising money to help send him to the reunion of two units that served in Burma in Southeast Asia during WWII.

Leroy Wegenast/All Vets Club: "We felt that it was something in the way the community, the Veterans organizations could give something back to Ernie for his sacrifice during World War II."

Hubacker: "This one was sort of special because we got...Burma is the hardest place in the world to fight a war in."

His unit was the Mars Task Force, they arrived after Merrill's Marauders whose job it was to comb the jungle during the rainy season looking for the Japanese.

Hubacker dealt a lot with artillery.

Hubacker: "I think compared to Merrill's Marauders, the regular ones, I had a picnic, of course a picnic with fireworks and those firecrackers were a pretty good size."

Leroy Wegenast/All Vets Club: "He's just a treasure, he's an asset to the community, he's been a volunteer here at the hospital, he's been a volunteer at the Vet's Club, and we enjoy having him in our community."

Age hasn't stopped the old veteran from serving his community, he still volunteers at a local hospital twice a week. He's been doing it for 13 years.

Hubacker: "Something to do, I feel useful, the chutes come out here, and if I don't see anybody at least I get breakfast."

A long eventful life and still going strong.

The All Vets Club and other veterans' groups are trying to raise about $1,700 for Hubacker.