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Boys and Girls Club of DL helping animals with "Bleach It" project

Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - The Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes is helping dogs by selling dogs.

The kids have put together a hot dog stand outside of the Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store and More.

Their hope is to raise money for the humane society in DL.

Along with selling hot dogs, the kids are also asking people to donate jugs of bleach for the society.

Every day the Humane Society of DL goes through 6 to 8 gallons of bleach, sometimes more when animals are sick.

Nate Cummings/ Boys and Girls Club Leader: “So far it's been a lot of fun, the kids have been a really good help, they're really excited about helping the humane society, its been really good.”

The stand will be out front of the thrift store every Friday until August 15 with exception of August 8th.

The cost for a hot dog, chips and drink is $2.