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Coaches and Players are not the only ones getting ready for 1st Bison Football game

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Bison football is kicking off this weekend with the first game of the season in Ames, Iowa.

But it's not only players getting ready for the big game.

There are some diehard fans out there...

Dan Christianson/ Bison Fan Going to Iowa: "We live for Bison Football."

Who pack everything up and drive hundreds of miles to see the Bison play.

Christianson: "Bus is all prepared, looking great inside, the coolers are packed, food is there. We're ready to go. We're gonna tailgate at 6 am tomorrow morning."

But if you can't make it the trip, don't worry. There are places like Tailgators here that will be open early so you can watch the game with some fellow bison fans.

Richard Nymark/ Tailgators Owner: "You know you're mixed in with a group of other fellow Bison fans and you know, they score and we're cheering. They're intercepting we're cheering so it gets to be pretty exciting."

All around town, businesses are opening early for the game. Like Labby's opening at 9 with a breakfast for fans before the game starts.

Andrea Ohmann/ Labby's Server: "It's crazy, it's busy the atmosphere is really fun there's people everywhere."

Because Bison football brings in such a huge portion of business for the local sports bars they spare no expense on game day.

Nymark: "We do a little rearranging of furniture inside, get all of our TV's set up on the game channel, move a couple TV's out on the patio, and we also will start up the fireplace I think tomorrow. I think it's supposed to be in the 50's or 60's by game time, so, we'll get that going too."

Tomorrow’s game starts at 11 and for Bison fans...

Christianson: "We've been ready for this game for a year."

It couldn't come soon enough

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