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Pennsylvania teen invites boy with "broken heart" to homecoming dance

Noah Weber has had 4 open heart surgeries so far, and his new friend Ariel has given him hope, inviting Noah to her homecoming dance this year. 2 / 2

Swissville, PA (CNN) - A Pennsylvania boy born with a "broken heart" is learning love can heal wounds.

Noah Weber will bounce from one thing to the next.

Noah Weber: “We used to have a pool in the backyard. Huge.”

An active 8-year-old boy he doesn't like to sit still

Noah Weber: “It's a baby bearded dragon. She's nice. She's a girl.”

For as energetic as he is, you wouldn't know he was born with a rare congenital heart defect. At birth, doctors told his parents to prepare to say goodbye. Noah has since had four open heart surgeries, all before his eighth birthday.

That's where "she" comes in...

Reporter: “Is she your girlfriend?”

Noah Weber: “Yeah, she's 16.”

“She” is a high school student eight years his senior.  Ariel Nelson goes to Woodland Hills. She takes dance lessons with Noah’s older sister.That's how she came to meet Noah, who fell in love at first sight. For the last year they've been best friends. She was his only request after major heart surgery in November.

Noah Weber: “Your hair was in my face.”

Noah takes his role as boyfriend seriously.

Ariel Nelson – Noah’s “Girlfriend”: “He got me this.”

Noah Weber: “A real one for like 10 or 50 dollars I don't know.”

He even surprised Ariel during her dance recital.

Ariel Nelson: “At the end I was waiting for the curtains to close and it was just like is there a malfunction?”

This wasn't a malfunction. This was Noah’s doing. In a few months Ariel is hoping her high school will let her take Noah to the homecoming dance

Ariel Nelson: “Everyone should deserve to get a chance to go to their homecoming and dress up for school. We don't know what his conditions going to be in the future so we said, ‘Hey I'm gonna be a junior this year, why not take him?’”

Virginia Weber – Noah’s Mom: “He's had a lot of mental health issues through the years too where he was very aggressive and angry and she has brought out a very special, loving little boy that was inside of him. She's so wonderful.”

Ariel Nelson: “This is how you gotta dance there.”

For a kid who doesn't like to dance, with her, Noah wouldn't miss a beat.