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Friends and fans in mourning following death of Robin Williams

Friends, colleagues and fans of Robin Williams took to social media to express their grief at the loss of the legendary comedian. 2 / 2

Los Angeles, CA (CNN) - This morning the world is reeling over the shocking death of Hollywood comedic legend Robin Williams. The Oscar winning actor apparently committed suicide, according to investigators; Death due to asphyxia inside his San Francisco Bay Area home Monday morning.

Williams was last seen alive by his wife Susan Schneider the night before. “I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists,” said Schneider in a statement released Monday. The 63 year-old had a long history of alcoholism and drug addiction, though was recently battling severe depression, according to his media representative. He entered a rehab stint in July in order to maintain his sobriety. His sudden death has left Hollywood and fans stunned.

“This is absolutely shocking, and horrifying and so upsetting on every level,” Conan O’Brien told his audience.

O’Brien was visibly emotional when he broke the news to his audience right before wrapping his late night talk show.

“We’re so very sorry to have to report this to anybody who’s hearing it for the first time. We’re going to end our show now and thank all my guests. Good night and God bless Robin Williams,” O’Brien said as he signed off.

Williams’ last Instagram post was two weeks ago. He uploaded an old photo with his 25 year-old daughter, Zelda Williams, as a child, wishing her a happy birthday. Monday night Zelda posted a quote from a French poet with a message about her father, writing “I love you. I miss you. I’ll try to keep looking up. Z”

“We’re very sad, we’re mourning the loss of such a great man. He was a friend and I admired him. He’s a legend and he’s unbelievable,” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger told assembled media at a premiere for Expendables 3.

Thousands of fans and celebrities took to social media to express their sorrow; from President Obama tweeting, “He was one of a kind,” to Billy Crystal simply writing, “No words.”

Several films featuring the late star are scheduled to release in the coming months, including ‘Night at the Museum 3.’ The legendary comic and actor leaves behind a wife and three children. 

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