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Spotlight shining on Fergus Falls as Christian Film Company shooting movie “Sacred” in town

Fergus Falls, MN (WDAY TV) - Lights, camera, action. The small Minnesota town of Fergus Falls is in the spotlight, and soon to hit the big screen.2 / 2

Fergus Falls, MN (WDAY TV) - Lights, camera, action. 

The small Minnesota town of Fergus Falls is in the spotlight, and soon to hit the big screen.

A Christian Film Company is shooting a movie called "Sacred," using a local cast and crew and Fergus is the backdrop.

Sarah Larson/"Sacred" Director: "It's all adrenaline, it's all a rush."

Fergus Falls has gone Hollywood.

Meredith Turner/Cast Member, "Riley Boyd": It's not often that we have something this big come to Fergus.”

With bright lights, audio and video equipment.

And a full movie set, crew and cast, made up of 40 local volunteers, all here to shoot a full-length film called "Sacred".

Larson: “I've had the best time and no sleep.”

Turner: “It gets to be some long days and long nights but it's totally worth it.”

Actress Meredith Turner of Ashby is one of six teens turned movie stars for the two week shoot.

Turner: “I love my character. I love being Riley.”

The film focuses on the teens and follows their routine lives, until someone close to them passes away.

Larson: “The grief actually is what brings out everything and gets them all to kind of open up.”

Open up and come together, despite all of their differences.

Turner: “The entire storyline of Sacred is really touching and we really have had a lot of fun working.”

The cast and crew have been making stops all over town, like here in the hallways at Kennedy, which they've transformed into Lynn Turner High School.

Larson: “Fergus is just very warm and inviting when it comes to doing things.”

Turner: “Everybody is wanting to play a part in this.”

So the only way to pay them back is by putting on the best show possible.

Larson: “I hope people watch the film and realize that we hear them.”

Turner: “It's been a blessing and I know it's going to be a blessing to many people. So I want to be a part of that.”

Creating a movie they hope will touch the lives of everyone who sees it.

The film is fairly low budget, funded mainly through donations and will premiere in Fergus Falls next June.

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