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North Dakota agrees to dismissal of abortion lawsuit (w/video)
Friday, March, 14, 2014 - Forum News Service - News

Number lovers celebrating Pi Day (w/ video)
Atlanta, GA (CNN) - Today is a very special one for math lovers... And it only comes around once a year. It's Pi Day.
Friday, March, 14, 2014 - CNN - News

Search for Malaysia Air flight refocuses on Indian Ocean (w/ video)
Malaysia (CNN) - Almost a week after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the search area may be growing even larger. New information may put the plane over the Indian Ocean - well away from the Gulf of Thailand.
Friday, March, 14, 2014 - CNN - News

Pro BMXers draw ire with homeless jumping video
Los Angeles, CA (CN) - A stunt by some BMX bikers has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The bikers filmed themselves doing aerial moves over homeless people sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles. A nearby bike shop posted the video on social media.
Thursday, March, 13, 2014 - CNN - News

New Jersey teen who sued parents returns home, but case not over (w/ video)
New Jersey (CNN) - A New Jersey teenager who sued her parents for tuition after she moved out is back home, but she has no intentions of dropping her case.
Thursday, March, 13, 2014 - CNN - News

Seven dead; search for victims continues in East Harlem explosion (w/ video)
New York, NY (CNN) - Crews at this hour are scouring the rubble of two buildings that were leveled by an explosion in New York. At least seven people lost their lives in the blast. Dozens more are being treated at hospitals. Now the search is on for the missing.
Thursday, March, 13, 2014 - CNN - News

Exhaustive search continues for missing Malaysian Air flight (w/ video)
Malaysia (CNN) - Officials in Malaysia are disputing a report that their missing airliner was in the air four hours after its final communication. The Wall Street Journal says the information comes from engine data by way of unnamed American sources.
Thursday, March, 13, 2014 - WDAY - News

UPDATE: One injured in Richland County car-train collision (w/ video)
Walcott, ND (WDAY TV) - A woman was injured when the car she was driving collided with a train Thursday morning in southeastern North Dakota.
Thursday, March, 13, 2014 - WDAY - News

UPDATE: Two killed when intoxicated driver plows car into crowd at SXSW, police say (w/ video)
AUSTIN, Texas (CNN) -- A crowded street at a popular festival in Austin, Texas, became a chaotic scene as a suspected drunk driver tore through the crowd, running over people and hitting other cars, leaving two people dead and others seriously injured.
Thursday, March, 13, 2014 - CNN - First News

Man sets himself on fire in extortion plot gone wrong (w/ video)
Houston, TX (CNN) - A Houston man says a shakedown for money is behind a series of threats that culminated in a firebomb attack on his car. The attacker caught on camera shows he's not exactly the most competent of criminals.
Wednesday, March, 12, 2014 - CNN - News

Georgia man hits lottery jackpot with special numbers (w/ video)
Atlanta, GA (CNN) - Interesting, coincidence, a sign from up above, or just dumb luck? A man has won the Georgia lottery jackpot playing numbers that are near and dear to his heart
Wednesday, March, 12, 2014 - CNN - News

Florida man say he's "too morbidly obese" to serve prison sentence (w/ video)
Seminole County, FL (CNN) - A Florida man says he's too morbidly obese to go to prison. The judge accused him of stalling to avoid punishment in a multi-million-dollar mortgage fraud scheme.
Wednesday, March, 12, 2014 - CNN - News

New details emerge surrounding co-pilot in missing Malaysian Air flight (w/ video)
Sydney, Australia (CNN) - New details add to the mystery surrounding a missing passenger jet, which disappeared between Malaysia and China. A woman who knows one of the co-pilots claims he once invited her to ride in the cockpit.
Wednesday, March, 12, 2014 - CNN - News

World Wide Web turns 25 (w/ video)
Atlanta, GA (CNN) - Think back to your life before your smartphone. Or - if you can - to life before shopping, researching, and messaging via the internet.
Wednesday, March, 12, 2014 - CNN - News

Washington business helps transform ashes into art (w/ video)
Seattle, WA (CNN) - You can spend the afterlife anchoring a coral reef, give your loved ones a show as part of a fireworks display or even have your remains pressed into a vinyl record. Now, a company in Washington will even take the ashes of a loved one and create art.
Tuesday, March, 11, 2014 - CNN - News

Northern California still feeling effect of weekend quake (w/ video)
Eureka, CA (CNN) - A 6.9 earthquake shook the coast of northern California and parts of Oregon Sunday night. A series of aftershocks followed.
Tuesday, March, 11, 2014 - CNN - News

Social media campaign helps Minnesota girl with leukemia meet Miley Cyrus (w/ video)
St. Paul, MN (CNN) - A dream has come true for a teenager battling leukemia. Thanks to a social media campaign she got a chance to meet her favorite singer - Miley Cyrus.
Tuesday, March, 11, 2014 - CNN - News

Alexandria video store robber ties up clerk, customer
ALEXANDRIA, Minn. - Police here are investigating an armed robbery in which the suspect tied up a video store clerk and a customer late Monday.
Tuesday, March, 11, 2014 - Forum News Service - News

UPDATE: Dr. Sanjay Gupta: "Your Body On Weed" (w/ video)
(CNN) -- In the early 1960s, a young postdoctoral student stumbled onto something that puzzled him.
Tuesday, March, 11, 2014 - CNN - News

UPDATE: Rampaging house cat in Oregon attacks baby, traps family in bedroom (w/ video)
PORTLAND, OR -- A rampaging, 22-pound Oregon house cat with a "history of violence" attacked a baby and trapped a family and their dog in a bedroom at their Portland home before being captured by police, authorities said on Monday.
Tuesday, March, 11, 2014 - CNN - First News

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