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Buyout approval bids well for several homeowners by Red River
Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - This could be the last year that seven homeowners at Chrisan Estates are left sandbagging against the Red River.
Wednesday, April, 24, 2013 - WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY - 6

50 homes part of buyout
Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Expect more flood buyouts in 2014. 50 homes are up for grabs.
Tuesday, October, 22, 2013 - WDAY - 10

Fargo-Moorhead leaders are heading to the nation's capital trying to get flood diversion project through Congress
Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Fargo-Moorhead leaders are headed to the nation's capital trying to make sure authorization for the flood diversion project makes it through Congress.
Sunday, February, 23, 2014 - WDAY - 5

Chrisan Estates homeowners finally getting flood buyout
Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - This could be the last year seven homeowners in Chrisan Estates are left sandbagging.
Thursday, April, 25, 2013 - WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY - 10

Potential ring dike could be threatening homes and farmland
Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- The plan to build the FM diversion would surely save a lot of homes, a lot of work all across the valley, and people of Christine, Oxbow, Hickson and Bakke don't doubt that. What they do worry about is a potential ring dike, they say, threatens homes and thousands of acres of farmland.
Tuesday, August, 13, 2013 - WDAY - 10

Diversion project continues in Oxbow with plans of building ring dike
Oxbow, ND (WDAY TV)-- Plans are moving forward to build a ring dike in the Oxbow, Hickson, Bakke addition. It's part of the Diversion project, and they're moving fast.
Friday, August, 16, 2013 - WDAY - 6

WDAY News - Noon Update
Fargo-Moorhead (WDAY TV) - Welcome to the WDAY 6 News update this afternoon.
Thursday, February, 20, 2014 - WDAY - None