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Published February 13, 2014, 06:44 PM

Winter Weather makes for icy driving conditions

Fargo, N.D. (WDAY TV) -Snow and winds gusting over 40 mph created blizzard conditions in the area this morning.

By: Brian Abel, WDAY

Fargo, N.D. (WDAY TV) -Snow and winds gusting over 40 mph created blizzard conditions in the area this morning.

Travel out of town was impossible at times.

Roads in town were treacherous at best.

What a day for Fargo-Moorhead drivers.

We drove up and down I-94 and 29 and saw car after car in the ditch.

From Rollovers, to spin-outs, Drivers were having a tough time navigating the morning blizzard, which created some slippery roads and visibility problems on the highways.

Ray Cummings, cross country driver: "It’s really hard to see"

And as the morning commute ended, the nasty conditions continued.

Mark Undem, Fargo commuter: "It's pretty slick and the wind will catch ya and blow ya around"

Even with the sun up, this blizzard is still in full effect, causing low visibility and continuing to create issues for drivers on the road.

Including this log jam on eastbound I-94, after a multi-car crash closed off all but one lane of the highway for about an hour, creating a stand-still all the way past the University Drive exit.

And cars weren't the only things being held up by the weather.

This flood buyout home was supposed to make a journey to Rustad today, but was delayed until next week because winds were too high.

Yet some drivers in town were wondering what the fuss was all about

Justin Schomerus, Fargo driver: "it's not bad, there’s a lot of snow blowing across the road but the roads are clear, just take your time and don't drive like an idiot I guess."

It wasn’t all frustration and negativity today though, as Creative Care found a way to use the freezing cold as a fundraising tool, hosting a Polar Plunge for Giving Hearts Day at Mick's Office in Moorhead.

Shannon Boch, CCRI executive director: “We have 75 people showing up, I’m told the water is 34 degrees.”

And as crazy as those people were, it would have been even crazier jumping into the water when winds were hitting that 40 plus mph range like they were this morning.