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Published February 07, 2014, 08:09 PM

The story of the Fargo family who has lived through the recent resurgence of heroin in FM area

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Thursday night- we brought you a story on the recent resurgence of heroin in the metro area.

By: Kay Cooley, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Thursday night- we brought you a story on the recent resurgence of heroin in the metro area.

Tonight - the story of one Fargo family who has lived it.

The Nelson's 21-year-old son lost his life to the dangerous drug back in July and now hopes sharing their story will help save others.

Darcy Nelson/Son Died of Heroin: "Our biggest fear was him dying, overdosing."

It doesn't take a famous face to know heroin use- and its deadly consequences- are problems spreading like wildfire...

Noah Nelson/Josh’s Brother: "It's everywhere, he said."

One hitting home in the house of Fargo's Darcy Nelson.

Darcy: "We were shocked to find out that was even around here, or that he was doing it."

She started noticing signs of the dangerous drug about two years back...

Darcy: "Looking back I could just tell he was struggling."

She says her son Josh began using and quickly, couldn't stop.

Darcy: "He had admitted it to me, promised he was done. It's just a vicious cycle."

Nelson: "I know he didn't know what he was getting into, he thought he was having a good time."

Josh's brother Noah says heroin has made its way to town- even in rehab- Josh could still shoot up.

Noah: "People can take it from the cities where they're selling it for, something that they're selling for 10 bucks they're getting 50 up here. So they're wanting to make the trip."

More people using, more users overdosing...

Darcy: "These kids are reviving each other. They're giving each other CPR, throwing them in cold bath tubs."

But no one talking about the ever-growing, powerful problem.

Darcy: "Because it's shameful."

Until it goes too far.

Darcy: "He had left the house the night he died and an hour and a half later he was gone."

Josh overdosed back in July in a bathroom at Bucks.

Darcy: "He was brain dead and his organs were shutting down."

Two days later, he was gone.

Darcy: "Even now it's been seven months and it's still unreal."

But Josh's family has taken that time to start the once silent conversation, Reaching out to families.

Darcy: "Do whatever you can to help them."

Trying to make our town realize that heroin use is growing,

Noah: "The feeling it gives people apparently, is more overwhelming than knowing that you're going to die."

taking lives on the way.

The latest available numbers show heroin deaths nationwide have increased 45% in just 4 years.