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Published February 06, 2014, 12:00 PM

WDAY News - Noon Update

Fargo-Moorhead (WDAY TV) - Good morning. Welcome to the 9:00 WDAY 6 News update.

By: Lane Zyvoloski, WDAY

Fargo-Moorhead (WDAY TV) - Welcome to the WDAY 6 News update at noon.

Shanley Coach Fired

When the Fargo Shanley baseball team hits the field this spring, it will do so with a new coach. That's because the long time baseball coach there has been fired. Administrators won't comment. Joel Swanson had coached the team for 15 years.

According to Swanson, the reason for the non-renewal is a complaint from a parent of one of the players in the Shanley program regarding a text message about the upcoming season. Swanson says the strongly worded text he sent to players, telling them to get to open gym and get in shape, was deemed threatening. Instead of meeting with him, the parent went to school officials, which does not follow a conflict resolution procedure.

On Facebook, Swanson told supporters his "era at Shanley has come to an unfortunate end because a Mom and Dad put the codling of their child over the good of an entire team and program." Under Swanson, 24 Shanley players went on to play college ball.

Finley Woman Charged

The Finley, ND woman charged with killing her husband wants her half a million dollar bail lowered.

The judge denied 60-year-old Sherry Midstokke's request, but agreed to revisit the matter once she hires an attorney. She's accused of killing 66-year-old Lyle. Court documents show Midstokke admitted to "intentionally" killing him with drugs and asphyxiation.

Standoff Suspect Arraigned

Developments in connection with the man involved in a standoff. The suspect from that incident, charged with a Fargo armed robbery, is arraigned. On Monday, the SWAT team arrested Valeri Dida without incident, after a standoff at a South Fargo apartment. He's accused of robbing a Mister Money last month. Dida pleaded not guilty to a no-contact violation charge. An attorney has been appointed for him on the felony "conspiracy to commit robbery" charge.

Coach's Arsonist Makes Plea Deal

A Moorhead man has been sentenced to 120 days in jail for setting an old sports bar on fire. 29-year-old Jeffrey Little pleaded guilty to arson. Little was rummaging around inside the vacant Coach's Sports Pub last July when he lit a match and dropped it. He was given credit for time served and fined one-thousand dollars.

Octomom In Trouble Again

The California woman known as "Octomom" is facing another count of welfare fraud. Prosecutors say Nadya Suleman got nearly ten-thousand dollars in state medical benefits she was not entitled to. The 38 year-old mother of 14 already faces fraud charges. Now, the state wants her to pay 26,000 dollars in restitution. If convicted, Suleman could go to prison for six years.

Sochi Games Underway

Competition Sochi officially starts today. A Minnesota couple is on their way to Sochi to watch their daughter compete in the Sochi games. The Hermans left Wednesday morning to watch daughter Keri in the Slope Style skiing event. Sochi is a hard place to get to, and it's taken a lot of time and money to travel and to get tickets and security clearances. The Bloomington parents say seeing their daughter represent the U.S. is worth it. Another Minnesota family, the Nordgren's, have a son who is also competing. They will be watching from home.

In Today's Forum

Check out today's Forum: Learn about the "Biggest Loser" winner and Minnesota native's final weigh-in, stirring controversy after she dropped 60 percent of her body weight in seven months and weighing in at 105 pounds at the end of the competition, and tonight on WDAY 6 News tonight, reporter Kay Cooley tells us ways to lose weight in a healthy way.

Retweet of the Day

Time now for our retweet of the day. It's from The Boston Globe.

That statue is getting people talking. Here are some photos from the article of that statue being installed Monday.

The article says hundreds of outraged students on the all-female campus have signed a petition asking administrators to remove the bronze statue. The petition says it's become a source of fear, triggering thoughts of sexual assault for members of the campus. The "Sleepwalker" artist says he thinks people might be seeing things in the piece that just aren't there.

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