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Published January 30, 2014, 07:22 PM

How cold are we?

Fargo, N.D. (WDAY TV) -It's cold in Fargo during the winter season.

By: Drew Trafton, WDAY

Fargo, N.D. (WDAY TV) -It's cold in Fargo during the winter season.

Does this winter really does stand apart from the rest?

We've hit below zero temperatures 43 times this season so far. Out of a total of 62 days. Meaning, that just a smidge under 70 percent of the time, we were subzero.

"This one has been the coldest so far."

And that mark does stand out.

Daryl Ritchison, WDAY meteorologist: "43 days during that 2 month stretch, actually is the eight highest total or record."

But before you start abandoning cars like the good folks of Atlanta.

"We all have some lessons we need to learn here."

Consider this, we haven't set a single record for cold on any given day this year.

"Gall, this sucks."

Richison: "January, which will surprise a lot of folks will rank I think it looks like it's going to end as the 59th, the 59th coldest January on record."

"You go by the season."

But when I asked people on the street where they thought the winter stacked up, they replied.

"Deal with it."

With one exception.

Trafton: "You don't think it's cold out this winter?"

"Not yet."

This winter was thought of as one of the worst, or at least that's what I concluded based on interviews like this.

"Yes, you're making me freeze out here!"

Why is that?

Our weather guru says the key to perception is persistence.

Richison: "December and January, almost exactly the same temperature, the same number of days below zero. So, a lot of the perception of January being cold, is just, it's been such a long, long stretch."

“It's always cold here."

And if the pace continues in February, count on another 21 days we will dip below zero.

A few recent winters that have actually been colder than this one are: 2004, 2009 and most recently 2011.