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Published January 24, 2014, 12:00 PM

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By: Lane Zyvoloski, WDAY

Fargo-Moorhead (WDAY TV) - Good afternoon and thank you for tuning in for the WDAY 6 news update. I'm Lane Zyvoloski.

Internal church documents show the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has paid millions of dollars to deal with clergy misconduct. From 2002 to 2011, the archdiocese paid nearly $11 million in costs related to allegations against priests. That money was used to persuade priests to leave ministry, for legal settlements, and to help fund therapy for victims and priests. The archdiocese paid a private investigator $112,000 over 10 years.

The search is underway for a sex offender scamming North Dakota churches.

Authorities say Kenneth Monk has entered churches in Washburn, Wilton and Velva, asking for money to help him travel to his wife's funeral in Montana. Monk has received money in each encounter. He's driving a 1999 burgundy suburban with North Dakota license plates.

President Obama has already said he's willing to make changes in the national security agency's telephone surveillance program. But a government review panel is recommending that the program be scrapped, and that the phone records that have already been collected be destroyed. The board said it hadn't found any instances in which the program helped disrupt a terrorist plot.

Three people near Michigan City, Indiana were killed - and more than 20 others injured - when more than 40 vehicles became involved in a massive highway pileup on interstate 94. Semi-trailers were mangled and passenger vehicles jammed together. The collisions happened in frigid, snowy conditions. Eastbound lanes of I-94 remained closed this morning as crews there continue working to clear the scene.

Hydrologists at the National Weather Service are saying there is a low risk of substantial spring flooding in the Red River this year. Our own meteorologist Daryl Ritchison says there is still a long winter ahead and any storm between now and then could greatly impact that prediction.

If you are a burrito fan, there's a restaurant coming to town that you'll want to check out. Fargo is the future home to a new Chipotle Mexican grill. It will be the first in North Dakota and is expected to come here later this summer, according to a chipotle spokeswoman. The exact location has not yet been announced.

Take a look at today's forum: find out why buzz is building for NDSU's football player Billy Turner, And tune in to WDAY 6 News tonight: for a better than average day ice fishing - reporter Kay Cooley takes us to an icehole bar near Pelican Rapids.

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