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Published January 15, 2014, 11:18 PM

The 22 mile commute from Casselton to Fargo-Moorhead may not be easy for those who work in FM

Casselton, ND (WDAY TV) - The worst of the storm is expected to hit early tomorrow morning.

By: Becky Parker, WDAY

Casselton, ND (WDAY TV) - The worst of the storm is expected to hit early tomorrow morning.

For those who live out of town, it could mean trouble getting to work in the morning.

But overnight and early tomorrow, things are expected to get ugly… especially outside of city limits.

Here in Casselton, chatter about school cancellations and a looming blizzard is the talk at the local grocery store.

For the many who live here and work in Fargo-Moorhead, the morning's 22-mile commute won't be so nice if they can make the drive at all.

Nancy Sweep/Work in Fargo: "Generally, we go in through the back roads through Mapleton and come in on 12th avenue. It will all depend on what the state says we can do, if we can get in that way or not. The back roads tend to be a little more plugged with snow if there's ground drifting."

Leann Tallackson/Works in West Fargo: "I willto go unless I can't see the road."

Hours away is a ground blizzard, with wind gusts that could reach 50 miles per hour stirring up snow and forming drifts.

Fortunately, there isn't much NEW snow in the forecast.

So those who live in town should be able to get around.

But rural areas like this… out in the great wide open… will see some tough conditions.

Tallackson: "It sounds bad but it's North Dakota weather. I grew up in ND I've been here my whole life, it's nothing new. You take precations and keep your family safe."

That means getting up early for extra time to drive, and knowing when to just stay put.

Sweep: "Basically if you have to go down the road with your head out the window you should stay home. Or if you can't see a block ahead of yourself, you should probably stay home.">

Fargo Police posted on Facebook tonight, urging people to be cautious on the roads, dress for the weather, and stay home if you don't have to travel.