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Published January 11, 2014, 05:15 PM

A well-known North Dakotan captures and shares his photos of the North Dakota sunsets

Bismarck, ND (WDAY TV) -There's just something about North Dakota's sunsets.

By: Donnell Preskey, WDAY

Bismarck, ND (WDAY TV) -There's just something about North Dakota's sunsets.

The horizon is often painted with many colors and given our vast landscape a sunset can be seen for miles.

It’s a sight one well known North Dakotan captures and shares with the rest of the state and his friends across the nation.

Wayne Stenehjem/Attorney General: “The view from here is just beautiful. We are so lucky, the sunsets are the best. You can see them all over but here it seems like it lasts forever.”

He's not an expert photographer but his love for the North Dakota sunsets that he sees from his back yard reveals a softer side of North Dakota's top crime fighter. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

Wayne and his wife Beth moved to this North Bismarck home when he took office. It was the view that won them over.

Stenehjem: "The view here is the best in Bismarck."

While enjoying an evening's sunset, he took a picture, posted it on Facebook and a new hobby took shape.

Now when a stunning sunset appears, his more than 3,000 facebook followers expect to see the AG post a sunset shot.

Stenehjem: "some people think I’m obsessed with them. I can't help but take a picture and share it. On Facebook some sunsets get hundreds of likes or comments."

He turned his favorites into a calendar last year and he's been nudged to make a coffee table book.

Stenehjem: "On the first day of spring the capitol is directly under the setting sun. It looks like an i."

While he takes all his pictures from the same spot, he says the angle never gets old. Most feature the State Capitol, but with the sun setting in different locations depending on the time of year, each picture is different.

Stenhjem: "It's just one of those creations that we all need to take time to appreciate."

Stenhjem says he takes most of his pictures with his 8 mega pixel smart phone.