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Published December 11, 2013, 06:44 PM

Freshman at MSUM proves that kind acts and doing what's right are still important

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - A freshman MSUM student is preparing for her finals. But give her an A+ when it comes to honesty and doing what is right.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - A freshman MSUM student is preparing for her finals. But give her an A+ when it comes to honesty and doing what is right.

Today, Erica Clark met them man who lost an envelope full of money.

Money Erica found and promptly brought it to police who reunited the man with the stash.

In a private meeting today, Erica got the chance to meet the man behind the pile of crisp one hundred dollar bills.

The Sabin, Minnesota man wanted no publicity, but was anxious to meet Erica and reward her for honesty.

Erica Clark/Returned Envelope of Money: “It was brand new 100 dollar bills so I had never seen them and I thought it might be fake and I told my dad I don't know if it was real I cannot tell, and sure enough it was.”

and DGF Coach Mike Clark is usually all about hard work, hustle and respect. But today, the coach is a proud father.

Mike Clark/Erica’s Dad: “You always bring them up hoping they do the right thing and in this case she knew what she was supposed to do and do the right thing. So that is a great thing.”

Erica was just leaving the South 8th street Moorhead McDonalds and as she walked to her car she noticed a white envelope laying in the snow, that was her day changer.

Erica: “I thought it was someone's mail and I grabbed it and it was money.”

Mike: “The first thing she said was, Dad, this could be someone's Christmas Money.”

Erica called her father. Both agreed Moorhead police had to get involved.

Erica: “I knew I had to turn it in, but I didn't know where or anything.”

The money had a receipt and tracking number.

Within minutes, the bank confirmed the identity of the man who got the one hundred dollar bills, and he was soon reunited with the pile of money that would help him buy a truck. All thanks to Erica's kind soul, heart the size of Texas, and honesty to last a life time.

Erica: “I knew if I was in that situation I would be freaking out and hope someone would do the same and turn it in.”

Sure this elementary ed major at MSUM could have used the 2,800, but she never thought twice about what she did.

Erica: “I knew from the start what I needed to do-my parents were proud.”

Today, after a private meeting with the money's owner,

Erica: “He gave me a reward and we are keeping that private.”

It will be a good Christmas for Erica, with all the giving and receiving, her gift came unwrapped....actions that outshine it all

Erica: “Honesty does pay off; it was a really good feeling.”

And once the Sabin man got his money back, he did go on to buy his pickup truck.