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Published December 09, 2013, 10:08 PM

Booze and bibles: New kind of worship exploding in Fargo

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A new and unconventional way of worship is trending nationwide.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A new and unconventional way of worship is trending nationwide.

We first brought you the story of "The Gathering" back in September before the casual congregation got started.

Now, it's exploded here in Fargo.

It's traditional churches like this people are beginning pass up. Instead, new and younger generations are heading down Broadway.

Times are changing.

Cody Schuler- The Gathering: "Sing hymns and folks drink beer."

And Monday night, it's happening at the HoDo.

Schuler: "Just a time of fellowship and conversation."

In just months, over 50 people across the F-M area have joined The Gathering; a trend making its way around the world, changing the definition of church.

Schuler: "We stole it from a church in Denver who stole it from a church elsewhere who had maybe started it in England."

So we wanted to know: Who is making up these rules?

What makes church church?

And after contacting over 10 different places of worship across the valley without comment, Pastor Josh of Peace Lutheran gave us an answer.

Pastor Joshua Schunk- Peace Lutheran Church: "You're here to find people you have similar beliefs with that want to build deep relationships with you. That's the important part of being part of a church."

He says it's all about the relationships and, of course, reach out.

Schunk: "Where are you at right now and how can we join you on that journey?"

Schunk: "So if that's at the coffee shop or the library, a bar, or a restaurant, that’s where we're going to gather and do church."

So whether it’s cocktails and carols, booze and bibles

"We want to create a space where all people are welcome, no matter who they are."

Or for heaven’s sake; not on a Sunday

The Gathering believes God or whoever you believe in is just glad you've made it to church.

Schuler: "This just happens to be in a different way."

If you're interested in checking this new tradition out, The Gathering has three events, like this one you just saw, coming up in January on the 9th at Usher's House, February 3rd at Fargo's Billiards Gastropub and March 11th at the Fargo Brewing Company.

Also, I just have to add this. When I was asking Cody if I could use a bible in my story, he says, “I actually don't have one.”

He uses his phone as a bible. Just showing how things keep evolving.