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Published December 06, 2013, 09:46 PM

Family of Furman players come to Fargo to support despite the cold

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Bison Football is heading into its first playoff game of the season.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Bison Football is heading into its first playoff game of the season.

Tomorrow the team takes on Furman University, flying in all the way from South Carolina.

Where it's safe to say- It was much, much warmer today.

I really feel awful for these guys.

Literally - a 70 degree difference flying from South Carolina to North Dakota.

And when they got in they felt the definition of freezing.

Ginny Watts/Son Plays Football for Furman University: "I guess being around dry ice is probably the closest."

Ginny Watts has never in her life - felt this kind kind of freeze.

That's because she's traveled more than a thousand miles, from Columbia South Carolina.

Where, In December the average low sits at 39 - above!

Watts: "just kind of a very cold blast of dry air."

Here, we didn't even reach zero.

Watts: "i've been to every single game this season."

and Ginny wasn't about to miss one just because of a little cold weather.

Watts: "just being a proud momma. Following my boy wherever he's going."

Her boy - a 291 pound lineman for the Furman Paladins.

A NFL prospect who complained by posting this picture to twitter...saying hashtag....a whole new cold.

And his teammate, Dingess agreed.

Elizabeth Dingess/Son Plays Football For Furman University: "when they landed I said is it cold and he said it's really cold."

Dingess and his family are from Nashville Tennessee.

Dingess: "being from the south we don't have weather like this obviously."

There they dip into the high twenties in the winter.

Nothing like this.

Dingess: "it took my breath away. Literally, it truly hurt to breathe."

But the Paladin Fans say a little freeze won't keep them from playing a good game of football

Watts: "it's really cool to be in this atmosphere with them."

Luckily, we have a dome!

Jody will have more on the Bison's first playoff game coming up in sports.