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Published December 03, 2013, 10:38 PM

FM Area Prepares for the Freeze

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - You might have found the roads tough to maneuver today.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - You might have found the roads tough to maneuver today.

It's only going to get worse.

Three to five inches is expected to be dumped in the valley over the next day, or so.

But crews are ready to take it on, and say you should be, too.

Its winter and we know the snow is coming.

What's scary is the freezing temps flying our way towards the end of the week.

That means you should be thinking ahead - before you get behind the wheel.

Ending up in the ditch can be bad.

But not being able to start your car in the first place, doesn't usually end very well either.

Jason Welsh/Goodyear: "cold weather coming in, cold weather can take out a battery pretty easily.

Jason Welsh works for GoodYear in Fargo.

And for days, Welsh and his staff have been running laps, trying to winterize people's vehicles.

Welsh: "If your coolant is not ready for it, it can gel or it can not cool. Or flow through the engine properly like it's suppose to."

He says with a cold snap like we're coming into - there's three things you'll need to check.

Your coolant, your battery and your tires.

"What if you don't do those things."

Welsh: "Um, you call in a tow truck."

Once those check out, it's time to check in on your speed.

Bruce Nord/ ND DOT: "We're in winter mode now. We had a good October, good November and now we're getting into some snow."

We talked with North Dakota Department of Transportation’s Bruce Nord who says he's flat out frustrated.

Nord: "I can't believe people don't slow down. And I preach that and I shouldn't preach it anymore because evidently nobody listens."

That's because his staff is powering more than 40 plows.

Running over twelve hours shifts and still people are piling their vehicles up all across the region.

Snow and the cold, neither can be prevented.

Welsh: "Probably the number one thing is the batteries."

But being ready for it, is up to you.

Welsh: "Just make sure your car is ready to go and you shouldn't have any problems.

Officials do urge, if you don't have to go out into this wintery mess, just stay home.