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Published November 03, 2013, 09:50 PM

A local single mom who seems to do everything adds MMA fighting to her list

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - You know that term, live life to the fullest? Well, there's a woman in Fargo that may be the poster child for that saying.

By: Jody Norstedt, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - You know that term, live life to the fullest?

Well, there's a woman in Fargo that may be the poster child for that saying.

Meet Mariah Prussia, the Mom with a mean right hook.

Mariah Prussia/Xtreme Measures Owner & Trainer: “This is his official favorite sport right now, right Antonio?”

Prussia: “Every morning I get up at 5 or 6 in the morning and get my kids ready to go - whether it's an easy transition or a little bit more of a nudging to get them out the door.”

For a single mom, energy is everything in a day filled with activities.

Prussia: “Homework, read, bath time, get the kids to bed.”

As a single mother of 7-year old Antonio and 2-year old Jase, Mariah Prussia relies on her toughness to tackle each day. And so do so many others.

Aside from being a Mom, Prussia, a former 3-sport athlete in college, runs her own gym, Xtreme Measures in Fargo, an all-female health club, focused on empowering women, through fitness.

Prussia: “I knew my passion really revolved around helping individuals and helping them reach success, did I plan on having a gym? No, I didn't.”

Kaya Bickford/Client: “She just gets everyone pumped up all the time.”

Bickford: “She's always like 'one more', do something at the end. It's always the worst thing, but it helps.”

Prussia: “People are looking up to you and waiting for your energy. So that they can push forward through their day, too.”

And her drive to help doesn't end there, Prussia, started up a non-profit organization called the NOW project, geared toward the self-defense of women and children.

So, she owns her own gym, runs her own non-profit organization, and is a single mother of two.

But, there's another side of Mariah that you won't know until it hits you.

Prussia: “Some people hunt, some people like shopping. I hate shopping so I go with fighting.”

Mariah has taken her endless energy to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. She began training just 4 months ago with veteran MMA fighter Dane Sayers out of West Fargo.

Dane Sayers/Professinal MMA Fighter – West Fargo: “We've definitely come a long way. She was really green when we started. She didn't have any experience wrestling. She didn't have any experience with martial arts, just a little bit of boxing that she had tried.”

Prussia: “With MMA, it's just another release and trying to find focus for me time. This is about my personal challenge and ending up on top.”

But it's about finding balance, too.

After all how do you explain to your children, that you're training to fight someone?

Prussia: “Antonio, my 7-year old, has actually watched us spar, so he has a general idea of what's going on. On my way to work one morning, he said Mom, I've got a new move for you and I want you to try it and it was actually a takedown that we currently do.”

Just 8 days ago, Mariah walked into an MMA cage for the first time and got that first punch to the face out of the way in a hurry.

Prussia: “Oh it feels phenomenal”

She even ended up with a bloodied black eye,

Prussia: “And the thing is you just brush off the blood and call it a good day.”

In the 2nd round, Prussia, wrestled her opponent to the ground and won by technical knockout, a victory that to her means so much more.

Prussia: “Never lose sight of who you are because we have goals too. We shouldn't have to wait until we're 50 or our kids are grown to really reach for our dreams as well.”

Mariah is already planning to fight again early next year.

She's also the first woman from Fargo to fight professionally in a sanctioned MMA event.