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Published October 31, 2013, 08:58 PM

Fargo man on road to recovery since September motorcycle accident

Fargo, MN (WDAY TV) - A Fargo man is on a long road to recovery following a near-death accident in early September.

Fargo, MN (WDAY TV) - A Fargo man is on a long road to recovery following a near-death accident in early September.

Chris McCrackin was hit by an SUV. He broke an arm, knee and ankle, and suffered a brain injury.

Nearly two months after Chris's motorcycle accident and life is far from normal for the 23-year-old.

Although he was wearing a jacket and helmet the morning of the crash, he's not only left with physical challenges, but is battling a brain injury.

Since Chris's legs could reach the pedals…

Chris McCrackin- Crash Victim: "Riding bikes has been my life pretty much."

…Tackling BMX tracks nationwide in high gear towards another gold souvenir…

McCrackin: "As I was riding my stationary bike…"

…But a bump would send Chris off track.

McCrackin: "I noticed a muddy footprint going up the west stairwell."

Sometimes when the ride gets rough, you have to shift gears.

McCrackin: "It's like she put a pause button on my life and I can't hit play."

It was here… Nearly two months ago, while riding his motorcycle, an SUV pulled out in front of Chris.

McCrackin: "I was in the blind spot of the lady, they said."

His body would take a beating...

McCrackin: "Having a torn ACL, a broken knee, ankle, and arm."

Coreen McCrackin- Mother: "He was tubed and taped and he had neck braces; IVs everywhere…"

Chris would spend days in a coma.

Now, he's hoping learning to reuse his hands and mind is as easy as riding his bike.

McCrackin: "What deficits might be present and what skills you maintain..."

With hours of therapy, Chris is picking up momentum.

Games of memory and strategy help him create a blueprint to recovery.

McCrackin: "You can see good progress sometimes, but you have setback though."

Recovery is not a sprint…

McCrackin: "I always have just picked my own line and stuck it."

It's a marathon.

McCrackin: "I always just want to do my best no matter what place I get."

The McCrackins say despite insurance, the medical bills are piling up in the hundreds of thousands.

If you're interested in helping out the family, a spaghetti feed and silent auction is set to take place at Rick's Bar this Sunday from 4 to 9.

All of the money goes to Chris.