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Published October 22, 2013, 07:44 PM

Fargo mother furious with Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A Fargo mom is furious after she says her son’s grave was practically vandalized.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A Fargo mom is furious after she says her son’s grave was practically vandalized.

Her son, Jason Thomas died five years ago and was buried in the Sunset Memorial Gardens, along University.

Since then she hasn't had a problem with the cemetery.

Until yesterday, when she went to visit her son's grave for his birthday, and all the flowers, decorations and pictures were missing.

It's clear, Betsy Thomas is frustrated.

Because this is where she grieves and where she finds peace.

What she found yesterday, on her son's birthday, was nothing.

Betsy Thomas/Mother: "I mean it was gone. Everything was empty."

Of all places, this is where heartbreak and solace meet.

Where the quiet settles in and memories roll out.

Thomas: "I was just so mad. I was just so angry."

But that peace was broken when Betsy Thomas came to find hers.

Thomas: "ohhhh it was just like, it was just a hole in the pit of my stomach."

The flowers, the balloons and pictures were missing.

The only thing left behind, were the dates October 21st and August 10th, two days those decorations honor.

Thomas: "how dare somebody do this, to Jason's grave. How dare they come in and take my personal stuff."

And that's just it.

Who in fact decided to take it?

Her sons and many other gravesites left bare.

Precious items, including the American Flag, tossed aside like garbage.

Thomas: "This is all we have left. This is what the people who really grieve do. "

It clearly states in this Rules and Regulations handbook that the cemetery does have the right to remove any unsightly flowers or decorations.

To further discuss the complaint the board invited Betsy to a meeting here tonight.

But shortly after we showed up to get their side of the story we were asked to leave.