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Published October 10, 2013, 08:15 PM

North Fargo family remodels house to prepare for injured son’s return

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) A North Fargo family is preparing for one heck of a welcome home party this weekend.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) A North Fargo family is preparing for one heck of a welcome home party this weekend.

23-year old Ethan Parmer will return from Craig Rehab Hospital in Denver where he has been for the last several weeks.

This after a summer diving accident in lakes country left Ethan partially paralyzed. Bystanders used C-P-R to revive him.

His parents have never left his side, except for recently, when his mother began leading an all-out assault on a quick home remodel.

Inside the Steve and Barb Parmer home, you will find plumbers, electricians, sons, daughters, flooring guys and more, all rushing to get a gutted home livable again.

Barb Parmer, Ethan’s mom: “Same laminate all around the main home here, without a threshold.”

Barb Parmer never dreamed of a summer like this. A tragic accident, and then a quick and total remodel of their home.

Barb Parmer: “Wheel in shower and everything else.”

A to-do list a mile long.

Barb Parmer: “We have so much cooking and as a mother I want everything done so he doesn't have to navigate around pallets of flooring.”

It has been a team effort, coworkers, family members, all working during crunch time, hoping the home will be done when Ethan returns tomorrow night.

Barb Parmer: “We talked about a hotel for a couple of days and he said no way, I am coming home.”

Ben Parmer, Ethan’s brother: “I will do what I can for him, so…”

Barb Parmer: “He has been a source of strength for everyone around him. He told me, “Get a grip mom.” He’s just been fantastic. he is very determined, he wants to do everything himself.”

A labor of love, so they can welcome their son Ethan home tomorrow night. Paralyzed in diving accident on Lake Sallie over the 4th, Ethan has been at Sanford and Craig Hospital in Denver ever since. Homecoming for him starts in 24 hours.

Barb Parmer: “We are very, very proud of him, could not ask for a better outlook.”

The Parmers are getting ready to lay new flooring with no thresholds. A bathroom with a roll in shower. Doors and walls moved and expanded.

But the family, working around the clock, would not have it any other way.

Barb Parmer: “I think that determination has brought him where he is, he has surpassed everything.”

The Parmers say their story illustrates just what families go through when faced with such a life changing injury and event. The goal now? Get their son home for the best healing of all.

One of Ethan's first wishes when he gets home? Attend tailgating Saturday at the NDSU Homecoming Game.