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Published September 20, 2013, 07:07 PM

ESPN GameDay Set Up

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - We're 19-hours away from ESPN Game Days' Chris Fowler saying "Good Morning from Fargo."

By: Jody Norstedt, WDAY

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Good evening everyone, We're 19-hours away from ESPN Game Days' Chris Fowler saying "Good Morning from Fargo."

The set is up, the talent is here, and the reports are already coming out of Downtown.

Dana and Kerstin, last week this crew was in College Station, Texas for a battle between two of the top programs in the BCS.

They picked up and moved 1200 miles north this week and from there the work began.

Judi Weiss- GameDay Operations Producer: “Next week, going off the grid in Fargo, North Dakota. Look it up Lee!

This Sunday we did head out to North Dakota from College Station and four of us came out and met with the folks at NDSU, the Dome who have been very gracious to help us out all week. We looked at several possible locations and we chose downtown Fargo, then we made the necessary phone calls to city, government officials first thing Monday morning to have the show ready for Friday. We have already done some SportsCenter hits.

We have basically taken the whole city right here down the street.

Bison is the way it is said here and I was corrected forcefully and repeatedly.

The usual set up we would have the demo field next to the stage, this week we did something a little different for the downtown area. We work out of one mobile unit, one up link, we have the backup up link because we want to make sure we are on the air at all times.

Could you tell me just a little bit about the stage and hard that is to set up?

We have a group of four guys travel and come in from a staging company every week. It takes them about five hours to build in the morning. We have to be ready Thursday night show ready, because sometimes we don't know what time we are going to have to go on early on Friday.”

Later in sports, we'll hear from the host of College GameDay, Chris Fowler, he'll let us know what to expect from tomorrow's 3-hour show. See you then.