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Published August 10, 2013, 05:31 PM

4,500 kids receive backpacks today at the FargoDome

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Thousands lined up waiting outside the FargoDome this morning, but, it wasn't for a game, a concert or convention.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Thousands lined up, waiting outside the FargoDome this morning. But, it wasn't for a game, a concert or convention.

Parents and kids from all across the F-M area were looking to get their hands on school supplies.

The only game being played at the dome today, is the waiting game.

Debra Hernandez-Seeking School Supplies: "I didn't expect half this many people to come."

Most lining up as early as 8 am. Debroah Hernandez missed the mark by just a half hour.

Hernandez: "A little bit late. Laughing"

Turning a short trip for supplies,

Jharna Thapa-Student: "like, for like a 100 years."

Into a long morning.

Anisha: "more than a hundred."

Yes, a staggering amount of people, but still one person missing.

Hernandez: "Now she's in recovery."

Two of these children are not Debora's. Their mother couldn't make it because, for more than a month she's been in the hospital after a brain tumor.

Hernandez/Seeking School Supplies: "A lot of prayers."

In fact, none of these kids are Debora's. One family tagging along just moved to the U.S. From Napal. The other siblings, simply need help because their parents aren't able to come.

Jharna Thapa-Student: "we don't get to see mom that much. She's busy mom."

Making today less about patience, and more about being prepared.

Kayce Halley-United Way Volunteer: "you like green? I like green too."

That's why dozens of United Way volunteers are spending their Saturday morning here.

Kaycee Halley-United Way Volunteer: "I remember when I was a little kid how excited I would be about my school supplies and I would unpack them repack them everyday. And I just think that that's some that every kid should be able to experience."

The standard backpack costs ten dollars, and here, there's about 4,500.

Jharna Thapa-Student: "I want a pink back pack but my favorite color's blue."

Tack on notebooks, pens and other supplies. And The prices add up fast.

Anisha; "three."

But for Debora, it's not the time

Anisha: "put this back pack on."

Or the money that matters.

Heranandez:"this helps them to start school with confidence."

It's the smile they leave with ready for another year of school.

Anisha:"thank you for the back packs."

United Way will distribute once more on Tuesday beginning at 4 PM at the dome.