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Published August 03, 2013, 05:37 PM

American Red Cross is reaching out to Hawley fire victims

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- The American Red Cross is aiding people impacted by the fatal fire in Hawley.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- The American Red Cross is aiding people impacted by the fatal fire in Hawley.

Today, volunteers went door to door hoping to help the community heal from the tragedy.

It isn't everyday you walk through a neighborhood and see this.

Jodi Puhalla- Witness: "I know some people really struggling."

Doors boarded up, smoldering memories trapped by the crime tape still strung to the trees.

Puhalla: "everybody is different. And people's reactions are going to vary. "

Jodi Puhalla saw the traumatic event. She heard the early morning screams.

Puhalla: "we were among the first to be told what was going on."

Puhalla is only one of many neighbors, who all have a similar story.

So the red cross is visiting 6th street and over 40 different homes.

Three volunteers out of Fargo, are taking on the tragedy. They're jumping from house to house, helping those who can't forget the night at 702.

Sean Coffman- The American Red Cross: "It's a very tight knit community."

Sean Coffman, the disaster program manager has helped people with mental health in the past. None, he says as hard as this.

Coffman: "what we are doing today is reaching out to those individuals who have been impacted by that event and working with them to make sure that they are recovering in a healthy way."

After an emotional mess triggered by something so unimaginable, Coffman says it shatters people's sense of security.

Puhalla: "obviously they're probably thinking this could happen to me. If their house can burn down, what about me."

So, the Red Cross is rescue mission. Attempting to recreate the safe neighborhood along sixth street, one Hawley likes to call home.

Anyone who has been affected by this tragedy is encouraged to reach out to the Red Cross. You can call 701 364-1800 for more information.