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Published July 26, 2013, 08:11 PM

Local 99-year old year old launches a book with this grandson's daughter

Absaraka, ND (WDAY TV)-- When your time here on earth is over, who will write a book about the sacrifices made, time spent, and gifts given.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

Absaraka, ND (WDAY TV)-- When your time here on earth is over, who will write a book about the sacrifices made, time spent, and gifts given.

99-year old Roy Faught of Absaraka, North Dakota is not only an experienced businessman and community leader he is now an author.

Today, Faught and his grandson's daughter launched the "team-effort."

Just months shy of turning 100, Roy Faught is on the internet today. He also has a cell phone, he says he is not sure about an I-phone. Think of the changes in 99-years Roy has seen.

Roy Faught- ND Author: "It is unbelievable really, when you stop and think, I never thought about it until I started writing the book."

Imagine what Roy Faught has witnessed, and, sharp as a tack, can talk about today.

My grandfather served in the Civil War.

He remembers the dust bowl days, countless war, blizzards, floods, farming with horses, steam engines, tractors, crank telephones, electricity, even the day in 1922 that WDAY radio went on the air. He rushed home from school, and he remembers being on a picnic outside.

Roy: "We laid there in the shade and dreamed about all those words going by is."

Roy has lived in the same house here in Absaraka since World War Two, he ran the mercantile store here. Hardware, machinery, you name it. A few years back, family asked him to record his history. With the help of his grandson's wife, Dawn, it all went into a book released today.

Dawn Faught- Helped Author Book: "It is down for keeping and anyone else I talk to they say my grandmother is still alive, get them down and tape record them so they are not lost."

There are family stories, the 75 year love affair he had with his wife Dacotah--he saw the pretty young lady at a basketball game in Ayr North Dakota back in 1933. He also shared heartache, the great depression. A businessman at the time, he saw friends go under, his father carried the credit for many, farm families barely survived.

"You ride with them as best you could, I paid interest on pennies on the till."

Here it is, my admissions, the the first 99 years. How fitting that it is a picture of Roy comforting a dog left behind after a neighbor died from the flu epidemic of 1919.

And late this afternoon in Casselton, they lined up to meet the celebrity.

With so many people knowing Roy, friends and complete strangers

stopped by to congratulate Roy in the new book.

He brags that there are still four people from his high school graduating class in Casselton. That was 1932.

Roy's youngest fan? Greydon Hagen. The son of Casselton's Jesse Hagen. The three year old came to get the book signed by Roy.