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Published July 26, 2013, 05:19 PM

Dilworth is trying to keep up with growth

Dilworth, MN (WDAY TV)-- In just 5-years, Dilworth has sold 50-lots. And that's in just on new area of town.

By: Kay Cooley, WDAY

Dilworth, MN (WDAY TV)-- In just 5-years, Dilworth has sold 50-lots. And that's in just on new area of town.

It's giving West Fargo a run for its money, as "The city on the grow."

Right now, people are flocking to town for Dilworth's loco daze. A week filled with local pride, and a lot of weekend activities.

But this temporary influx of people is beginning to find a permanent place in this Minnesota town.

Jared Rivers- Moved to Dilworth: "I think the people are great."

For Jared Rivers and his family, Dilworth has been the perfect place to call home for the last year.

Rivers: "Smaller community feeling, everybody is very friendly out here. You know your neighbors pretty well. Everybody gets along good, and a lot of kids out here."

A lot Rivers has ten of his own, with another on the way all moving here from Moorhead. One of the larger families taking advantage of the city's affordable housing market.

Ryan Mullikin- Realtor- City Council Member: "If it's staged appropriately, and priced right, things sell."

Rivers: "We shopped Fargo, Moorhead, and Dilworth when we were looking for a house- a big difference in just the prices, what you get for your dollar."

Back in 2008, the city acquired about 65 lots in the Summerwood subdivision. Offering lower prices and incentives to bring people to town.

Mullikin: "We've had a steady surge of selling those lots and giving those up."

Now they're down to only 13.

Rivers: "Tons of homes being built."

With more on the way in newer neighborhoods like Woodbridge to keep up.

Rivers: "Dilworth is really good about giving you the incentives, working with you."

Mullikin: "I think it's been a great draw."

In the last year, contractors have built 22 new homes here in town.

Some of the city incentives include a tax abatement, free utilities, and a family pool pass.

To keep up with Dilworth's growth. City leaders have approved several infrastructure improvements.

Most of them are aimed at keeping them booming population safe.

One change coming later this summer, a path near the Woodbridge neighborhood with wide sidewalks.

It's part of Dilworth's safe route to school project that will give kids walking or riding to and from school a better route.

Another improvement, the city plans to change its street lights along highway 10, upgrading to a more energy-efficient, LED option.

The new lights will save the city about 3,000-4,000 dollars a year and make streets safer.

Chad Olson- Dilworth Mayor: "We're looking at making continued efforts to say hey, welcome to Dilworth. We are a modern city, we are doing things to attract residents here to bring families here, and we're doing the right things to keep them safe."

The city hopes to have the new lights installed by this fall.