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Published July 22, 2013, 09:29 PM

New Barnes County North school running behind schedule

Barnes County, ND (WDAY TV)-- In one month, children in North Dakota will head back to school.

Barnes County, ND (WDAY TV)-- In one month, children in North Dakota will head back to school.

But in Barnes County, that may not be an option.

A new building being built, is running behind schedule.

The dilemma in Barnes County is, two of the old three schools, are no longer property of the district. The building under construction, right now, is the only option.

It's an exciting year. For many people in Barnes County.

Allie Carpenter- Parent: "Wimbeldon Courtney School and the North Central schools and we will be one school, Barnes County North."

Especially for Allie Carpenter, who's sending her five year old baby girl to school for the first time.

Carpenter: "I think it's very exciting to combine and be one school"

But officials still aren't exactly sure where Allies daughter will be come fall.

Mark Lindahl - Barnes County School Superintendent: "Even though we're still in July, it's getting late. School is starting in another five or six weeks. Hopefully we'll have some answers."

This multi-million dollar project going up near Leal, ND is coming along.

But not quite quickly enough.

Class is supposed to begin in just a few weeks on August 27th.

Lindahl: "Of course, it's a distraction. Especially, if we can't get in there on time. But, we'll make do."

So, the superintendent is looking into options. Like using the schools near Rogers, which was recently sold by the school district.

Lindahl: "There is a possibility we can workout something for a short period of time to hold classes over there."

So, while construction continues, excitement has been put on hold.

Carpenter: "Oh, I think they'll figure something out and make it work."

But Allie Carpenter is confident the district will come through.

Carpenter: "I don't know, we have good members on our school board. And I think the educators will figure a way out to get things on schedule and make things work."

School board members just stepped out of a meeting with construction managers who say they cannot give a definite date as to when the building will be complete.

But school will begin on time, on August 27th.