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Published July 20, 2013, 10:02 PM

Life has not been the same since the massive fire in North Western Minnesota

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV0-- Not too long ago, 14 families homes were destroyed after a massive fire ripped through North Western Minnesota.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Not too long ago, 14 families homes were destroyed after a massive fire ripped through North Western Minnesota.

Thousands of acres of pines, charred to the ground. Burning more than just land or property, but memories.

Just months later, life is far from normal.

Marlene Snyder- Victim: "A flash had broke out in the house."

Two months doesn't sound like a lot of time. For the amount of work that still has to be done,

Snyder: "And I've never seen anything like that before."

It might feel like even less. But Marlene Snyder had to start somewhere.

Snyder: "I don't know if you really ever know."

After her blue house burned, and could no longer be her home.

Snyder: "it was hard to come out here and work for very long before you were just drained."

7,100 acres were burned to the ground, including 40 acres of the Snyder's property which now looks like this.

She and her family had to start picking up. That meant tearing her home down.

Synder: "it's very draining for those people"

And despite all they've lost. That still look out their windows, still walk out of their yards, still have their families and their home and there's black trees all around."

Marlene Synder still looks across the highway 71 feels for families like Briannes.

Brianne Tolkkinen- Victim: "ya they're just trees but it's still hard to come home and see that came, swipe through here and what not."

Another 40 acres lit up, burnt like black toast. Something only days, months and years can erase.

Tolkkinen: "basically like coming back to a ghost town. Trees were all burned and ashes everywhere on the ground and it's just that smell."

Two months goes by in a flash.

Snyder: "we've come a long, a long, long ways."

But for families like the Snyders, they know.

Snyder: "but down the road, there will be a prettier picture."

Only time can heal the hurt left over from this fire.

This afternoon, hundreds turned out to rally for the victims of the Menahga fire.

The community held a silent auction, benefit concert, games for kids and much more all to help raise money to restore what was lost.

Assistant Chief Leroy Skarloken- Fargo Fire Department: "Especially with pets in the unit also, they could have been playing around and knocked it off the table or whatever it was on, so that's certainly another possibility of things that happen."

Damage is estimated at 40,000 dollars.