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Published July 11, 2013, 09:36 PM

Authorities are receiving an outpouring of support to help these dogs

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Authorities say they're receiving an outpouring of support to help these dogs.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Authorities say they're receiving an outpouring of support to help these dogs.

The biggest strain right now is the financial cost to treat the animals.

The veterinarian from the Casselton clinic, which is housing all of the dogs, says he is optimistic all 170 will make it.

It'll actually end up being more like 200 dogs, because 4 right now are pregnant. It's another reason of the dire need for funding in this case.

An anonymous tip, reporting 20 mistreated dogs led a Cass County deputy to this. 170 dogs in filthy, nauseating conditions.

Dr. Trevor Bjerke- Casselton Veterinary Clinic: "170 dogs I've never seen this on TV before, even when you watch the TV shows they're taking 50-60 dogs I've never seen 170 dogs in one place at one time."

Dr. Bjerke says almost all of them are underweight.

And costs per dog is going up because many of ear infections, bacteria infections on their skin, dental problems etc.

Each dog is looking at 3-500 dollars in veterinarian care.

They say labor costs will be significant just for upkeep of 170 kennels.

And a looked over cost will be the grooming.

Captain Mitch Burris- Cass County Sheriff's Office: "just the cost in shaving this dogs will be huge, the clippers, the replacement blades, the time, the groomers time I mean the costs are going to be exceptional in this case."

Adding to the cost most of the dogs will have to be sedated,

because they're not doing well around humans. Dr. Bjerke expects them to come around.

Bjerke: "i think a lot of these are going to be adoptable dogs, time is going to tell. Give us a couple of weeks and we're going to be interacting with these dogs a lot more you got to remember we took them out of this environment and put them in a strange environment and when they don't know anything else they're pretty fearful."

Every dog is in quarantine for the next 2 weeks, so they're not taking bids to adopt the dogs right now.

If you want to help, the biggest need is money to care for the dogs. A fund is set up at Bremer Bank. It's titled Rover Rescue.