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Published July 09, 2013, 06:05 PM

Safety top priority for Red River Valley Fair rides

West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - For the next six days, this is the place to be for fun and food.

By: Kay Cooley, WDAY

West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - For the next six days, this is the place to be for fun and food.

And as we speak lines are growing longer, people are waiting to hop on a ride. From the carousel to the "Drop of Fear."

As you can see people are packed in for a chance to feel that familiar adrenaline rush that comes to town once a year. And even though these temporary rides go up fairly fast, safety is still top priority.

Ava: "I love the swings."

Buckle up and hold on tight.

Max: "It's super scary."

Because fair rides are back and open for business.

Max: "Drop Zone"

Gary Zaitshik, Midway Manager: "It definitely gets the heart going."

Forty-three rides make up the midway with hundreds of smiling faces…

Ava: "I feel dizziness"

Lining up to jump on.

Zaitshik: "Makes your palms a little sweaty."

But before the supervisors press the start button, these machines have to be checked.

“Smokey”, Ride Supervisor: "We make sure everything is right on the horse."

Then checked again.

Zaitshik: "Safety is our number one priority. It's non-negotiable."

Smokey: "I've been in the business ever since 1950."

That's where long standing inspectors like Smokey come in.

Smokey: "I have a good track record. Yep, I really do."

Every single ride like the carousel here has its own supervisor, who goes through a checklist to make sure everybody riding is safe.

Smokey: "This is an everyday deal, not only with this ride, but every ride we have out there."

Making sure all nuts and bolts are tight…

Smokey: "If it's old we put a new one in."

So that nobody has to worry when the excitement kicks in.

Ava: "Cause we're spinning round and round."

Max: "Your stomach just drops."

One of the regular ride favorites is the swings or if you prefer something for thrill, the drop of fear might be for you.