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Published June 26, 2013, 09:01 PM

For the first time since his lung transplant, we hear from Jordan

Houston, TX (WDAY TV) -- From Houston, Texas tonight, some news about the recovery of Jordan Peterson.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

Houston, TX (WDAY TV) -- From Houston, Texas tonight, some news about the recovery of Jordan Peterson.

His father tells us tonight Jordan is back in ICU so they can figure out what caused a reaction or episode with his new lungs this afternoon. Dan Peterson called it a "bump in the road."

10 year old Jordan is expected to be out of Texas Children's Hospital in just days, sleeping in the family's R-V at a campground in Texas, as he recovers.

For the first time since his remarkable lung transplant we see and hear from Jordan.

Sitting in his room here at Texas Children's Hospital, Jordan Peterson is not only a patient ready to leave here, he is a philosopher. A successful lung transplant--a life changer.

JORDAN: Here is the bad guy, the general. (Playing with legos)

Why is it, it sometimes takes a 10-year old to put life into perspective for us.

Jordan: Kind of like a tank.

Today, Jordan Peterson plays with legos in his room. His parents Dan and Annette by his side. And for the first time, we talked with this clever but caring kid.

Who had death knocking on his door, and who along with his parents, came to the only medical center that would take him.

Annette Peterson: "When you are told your child has a year and if you do not consider this, you will not have him." (Mom)

Jordan texts his buddies back home. Trying to stay in contact with them all. His fan club.

Dad: "Doing great."

He is now walking, several times a day.

Dad: "Almost feels normal again."

And actually wishing for winter…

Jordan: "Triple digits."

after hot humid Houston.

Jordan: "I ask all the time how do you guys live down here."

But he is also talking about what this gift of life means to him.

Jordan: "I don't know how to describe it, it is just a great feeling I guess. To know that I can breathe a lot better. "

Want a kid who is deep. Ask him how he made it through this storm.

Jordan: "Just faith I guess."

There's more, remember he is ten and has fought to breathe every breath the last several months.

Jordan: "Believe in Jesus Christ and all that helps me."

And perspective comes from this 10 year old who has had the time to think about the unselfish decision by a parent to donate their child's organs, that Jordan may live.

Jordan: "I know it is hard for the other parents, but they know they are doing something good. "

If you wanted to say something to them:

Jordan: "Thank you."

Short, simple, powerful as life gets.

Annette Peterson: "All we could hear was him breathing. It was a beautiful sound."

Dan Peterson: "He has been such a fighter through it all, even with the pain and all of that to have the will to walk and get up and go". (Dad)

It has been a long road to the Lone Star state, new lungs for a kid with a heart the size of Texas.

Annette: "A constant reminder that all things are possible there is nothing you can't get through."

We will have more on Jordan's condition and the story about his parents who have set up a temporary home in Houston, the last 8 months. That at 5,6, and ten tomorrow night.

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