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Published June 11, 2013, 10:24 PM

Travis Beck's attorney says his conduct is "entirely defensible"

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Tonight, NDSU's Star Linebacker, Travis Beck, is charged, after allegedly being involved in a bar fight.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Tonight, NDSU's Star Linebacker, Travis Beck, is charged, after allegedly being involved in a bar fight.

But his attorney says his conduct is "entirely defensible." And, the fight was captured on one of downtown Fargo's new and controversial cameras.

Court documents say the fight broke out early Sunday morning here outside the Sports Bar. Today the States Attorney's Office tells us the incident was caught on one of the downtown Fargo police cameras.

NDSU's Star Linebacker is in the limelight and for all the wrong reasons. Travis Beck is charged with Aggravated Assault.

Authorities say Beck and Matthew Aanenson began arguing in the bar. It escalated into a fight. With Beck hitting Aanenson in the face and head until he fell to the ground.

The bar's owner has a different account:

Ryan Pjaden- Owner of Sports Bar: "I talked to everyone of my bartenders and everyone of my bouncers and nobody knows of any confrontation at all. One of my bartenders knows Travis pretty well and said he was on good behavior sitting on the end of the bar."

Court documents show Beck was injured.

Another man, Mitchell Havig told authorities he hit Beck to stop him from attacking Aanenson.

Police chased and struggled with Beck as he tried to leave the scene. He later said he was scared.

This afternoon Beck's Attorney - Bruce Quick - told us by phone he believes Beck's actions were in self-defense - and he was NOT the aggressor.

NDSU's Football Coach Craig Bohl released a statement saying quote, " Due to the serious nature of the charge of violence, Travis Beck will go through the University judicial process as a student, and as an athlete will be suspended indefinitely from team activities pending further information. Bison football has a zero tolerance for acts of violence."

This isn't the first time we've heard the University talk about violence - Director of Athletics Gene Taylor brought it up last year when players were facing allegations from traffic violations to voter fraud. But only former Linebacker Brandon Jemison was kicked off the team for indecent exposure.

This is what Taylor had to say in an interview last fall.

Gene Taylor- NDSU Director of Athletics: "Felonies, DUI's, violence, theft, things of sexual nature are very different than putting names on a petitions."

While Jemison was kicked off the team, Beck is suspended, at least for now.

At this time authorities say the investigation is on-going.

The Fargo Police and States Attorney's Office declined to comment on camera.