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Published June 06, 2013, 11:00 PM

Judge’s decision for 10-year-old transplant hopeful hitting home for area families

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - There's a movement in the organ transplant community that for countless people could mean life or death.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - There's a movement in the organ transplant community that for countless people could mean life or death.

A second child in as many days has now been put on the adult waiting list for a new pair of lungs.

The latest is this 11-year-old boy from Pennsylvania. His family is being represented by the same attorney as 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan's.

A judge ruled last night that Sarah, who has just weeks to live, be put on the adult waiting list. The attorney for the family is vowing more people to come.

This is a huge decision. One that could decide who lives and who dies.

Jordan Peterson's family is wondering what this means for their 10-year-old boy. He's atop the list right now for a lung transplant, but will he slip?

Jordan's dad today wasn't mad or frustrated or anything like that at these families from Pennsylvania. He understands. All of these families have one thing in common and the Peterson's aren't the first from the metro to be part of this select and unfortunate group.

Alexa Kerstings' parents know too well about waiting.

Monica Kersting, Alexa’s Mother: "Time doesn't heal."

They've had to wait like you and I have never done before. For seven months they sat, patient, hopeful that a lung transplant would come and save their little girl.

Monica Kersting: "You're afraid the call won't come and when it comes is it going to be ok? Is it going to be successful?"

Jordan Peterson's family knows about waiting and worrying. They've been in Texas since October, ready for an organ donor to rid their son of cystic fibrosis.

With this recent ruling, they don't know if they'll be waiting longer, or if they'll have to hire an attorney to keep their son a top the lung transplant list.

Monica Kersting: "You don't really think of the legal process being part of the medical process but it's opening that door.”

The part for these parents struggle with: there doesn't need to be this wait. There's a cure. You don't find it in a lab or something created by a scientist. It's us. Forty-two percent of people 18 and older are organ donors.

Alexa's parents Loren and Monica are on a mission to have everyone in this country check that box on their license. Alexa explains why best.

Alexa Kersting, WDAY File: “It's one of the greatest things you can probably do. When I get one it'll change my life."

It never came and Alexa's parents are still waiting, waiting on you to become a donor and rid the nation of this problem of lists and numbers and who's first or last in line.

In Alexa's case she was at the top of the list for months. The same place little Jordan Peterson sits tonight.