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Published May 26, 2013, 08:54 PM

Cavalier students are thankful to have a school for graduation

Cavalier, ND (WDAY TV) -- It was no ordinary graduation ceremony for students in Cavalier today.

By: Kayla Strayer, WDAZ, WDAY

Cavalier, ND (WDAY TV) -- It was no ordinary graduation ceremony for students in Cavalier today.

Residents returned home just two days ago after high water threatened to invade the town.

This school was built in the 1930's, but for the first time in it's history the graduation ceremony almost didn't happen here.

Kali Christianson/Cavalier Valedictorian: "When we started this week we were just in finals, and then the flood and the evacuation and nobody had any idea what was going to happen."

Alan Winkler/Graduate: "It was pretty hectic here."

Trevor Christianson/Parent: "We went from flood and water, to getting ready for graduation. It was like flipping a switch."

Sandy Laxdal/Cavalier Principal: "There's many heroes out there. People that did all kinds of things to keep the water away from the town."

For the most part, the water was kept away from Cavalier, allowing the 2013 graduating class to receive diplomas in their high school.

Alan: "We're all glad to be back together and graduating from our school because it was kind of sounding like it would be somewhere else."

Trevor: "We really want to thank the people for all their volunteer hours and time helping us. It's nice to have a house to go home to and enjoy the graduation celebration."

After a week of not knowing what would happen to their town, today's ceremony was a sign that so far, things are back to normal.

Sandy: With everything the way it turned out we're very grateful.

Kali: "No matter how prepared you think you are, you might not be. But, it's definitely a story we're all going to remember."

After such a chaotic week the graduates tell me they don't mind having to come back to school on Tuesday for the official last day. They're just glad they have a school to come back to.

Water levels continue to drop at the Renwick Dam, but more rain is expected in the area. Officials say residents should remain on high alert for the next few days.