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Published May 08, 2013, 06:05 PM

Developments proving West Fargo is really “A City on the Grow”

West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The city of West Fargo is continuing to live up to its slogan: "A City on the Grow."

West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The city of West Fargo is continuing to live up to its slogan: "A City on the Grow."

Everywhere you look, more and more housing developments are going up. Now, some of the last acres of farmland have been sold to meet the growing needs.

This 80 acres of land here off Sheyenne street was once used for farming and now come this fall, it's the place hundreds of people will call home.

City Administrator Jim Brownlee can remember the day 10 years ago when all the land south of the interstate was used for farming.

Jim Brownlee, City Administrator: “Eagle Run was the first sub division other than some real small ones along the river that was out there, and now all of that farmland has been sold.”

Now one of the newest developments on some of the last acres of farmland in city limits is taking shape, and crews are wasting no time. Several workers are already out with tractors prepping the land.

The first phase of the newest development, Brooks Harbor, will use nearly 40 acres of land and will have about 160 homes.

Brownlee: “If they are comfortable with where they are they'll just expand into the second phase.”

Brownlee says it's a better business decision for farmers to sell the land instead of farming on it.

Brownlee: “If you got 2 to 300 dollars an acre in assessments against the land, it’s awful tough to farm it and make that go, but then again if you can sell the land for 30,000 or 40,000 dollars an acre, those assessments aren't so bad.”

The other development just now starting construction is the last area of the preserves development located south of Costco. Now that this land is used, the city now only has about 300 acres of land left to build.

Brownlee: “We have a lot of extraterritorial space west and north that we can develop into we just have to make sure it's flood protected.”

Building inspectors are receiving an unprecedented five building permits a day.

Brownlee: “In a good year we could do 100 to 200 building permits. That was a good year for us. Last year we did 600 and this year we are ahead of last year’s pace.”

There are currently seven to eight other developments under construction right now. Brownlee says the city will be fully maxed-out within 10 years if the rate of growth continues.