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Published May 01, 2013, 10:05 PM

Plan B raising questions with new availability

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - It's a topic that is turning heads. The FDA makes the morning after pill available over the counter.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - It's a topic that is turning heads. The FDA makes the morning after pill available over the counter.

Not only that, but it's now available to 15-year-old girls without a prescription and their parents never have to know.

One of the questions I asked people this afternoon is whether or not they thought 15 was too young to be buying emergency contraceptives without parental consent. For those who maybe don't know, Plan B is a pill that can be taken within three days of unprotected sex and prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

15-year-olds. They're not considered adults and they can't even drive, but a new ruling by the FDA gives them a lot of power over their sexual health.

Jennifer Kuschel, Pharmacist: “15-years-old is in reality an age where people are having sexual intercourse, so I think Plan B is a reasonable option to have available to these young girls.”

A judge has ruled that girls as young as 15 should be able to buy the so-called "morning after pill" without a prescription, as easy as buying aspirin.

Caitlyn Capistrant, Student: “That just does not seem like a good idea. I'd probably lock up my kid.”

Ashley Freidt, FM Resident: “It's going to cause more drama nowadays and more upset parents. I don't know, I don't agree with that.”

Ranging in price from mid-20s to around $50, the emergency contraception isn't cheap.

Kuschel: “People that come in and get Plan B from our pharmacy, it's a wide range of ages and I don't seem many repeat customers. It seems to be rather sporadic.”

Some of the women I spoke with are worried teens will purchase the drug without telling their parents.

Anne Tungseth, FM Resident: “It's giving the kids more freedom. Another part they can keep their parents out of.”

Freidt: “I've come to notice and learn through my experience that if you talk to a parent they're going to be a lot more understanding and easy going when you have questions than when you hide it from them and then try to talk to them. I guess I learned the hard way. I got knocked up young and learned the hard way.”

Another interesting thing to consider, in order to buy the over the counter drug, you need to show identification. Besides a birth certificate, what identification does a 15-year-old typically have showing their date of birth. Plus, is it even safe?

Kuschel: “When the FDA was doing their research they found that there was no risk with younger girls using Plan B or an emergency contraception.”

This won't be the last we hear from the FDA, more legal issues surround making the pills legal to all ages.