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Published April 16, 2013, 09:57 PM

A Fargo native is helping heal the casualties in Boston

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Helping heal the casualties in Boston, is a Fargo native.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- Helping heal the casualties in Boston, is a Fargo native.

Dr. Kelly McCabe, formerly Kilander, works the trauma center at Boston Medical.

Dr. McCabe was expecting a regular afternoon shift, but when she arrived she described the ER - as a war zone.

Dr. Kerry McCabe- M.D. Boston Medical Center: "It's kind of surreal."

Like the blast, patients erupted into Boston Medical Center.

The most critical carried in, in the first 90 minutes.

McCabe: "A lot of what people saw yesterday, they had not seen before. And it was things you would expect to see in a war zone."

A day that started as happy, full of excitement, Finished in horror. Even for a highly trained medical team, the emotional response difficult to hold off.

McCabe: "It was a very intense experience and it's affect will linger"

Mothers, daughters, sons and brothers torn from each other. At least 145 lives saved by near by volunteers.

A major medical tent propped up only block from the scene. Treating runners who were physically tired, but now emotionally broken.

McCabe: "They were able to care for patients who were brought immediately to the tent. But also send some of our nurses and physicians out to the scene to help patients right at the scene."

20 responders belonged to the BMC team. But countless others, medics or not, emerged as heroes.

McCabe: "Boston EMS is amazing in of themselves. Then, to have access to all that medical personnel right there I think really did save lives."

Dr. McCabe says, her team is accustomed to trauma, but after this event they did have time to sit and just talk.

Now they're working on getting back into the swing of things - which for her she said won't be easy but it is their job.