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Published April 05, 2013, 04:57 PM

Sandbag central volunteers are eating like kings and queens

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- This may get you to Sandbag Central. Lunch.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-- This may get you to Sandbag Central. Lunch.

Instead of your typical meal, the students from Ben Franklin and about 150 other volunteers ate like kings and queens today. Thanks to a generous donation.

Forget the bologna, turkey, and ham sandwiches. Today sandbag central was turned into a gourmet restaurant.

Sonya Carlson- Red Cross Volunteer: I've heard people say oh I'm going to come on this day because there is pasta, or people are planning when they're going to sandbag as far as what's for lunch

Tray after tray of piping hot pasta and fresh salad loaded with veggies filled the tables awaiting the hungry herds.

Carlson: It's colder in here than usual, so a hot meal is definitely a plus for our volunteers.

Normally the food comes from generous church groups, but today this lavish meal came from one of Fargo's top restaurants, Mezzaluna.

Eric Watson- Executive Chef at Mezzaluna: Anyone who's taken the time to protect the financial well being of our business we feel it's pretty much a no brainer to, or at least we can do to feed them.

Chef Eric Watson and his crew were busy making the meal so after back breaking work.

Thomas Wehrl- Volunteer: You do have to do a lot of packing and stuff, and lifting a lot of sandbags.

Emmalee Volk- Volunteer: There's a lot of lifting and your arms get really tired.

Volunteers could refuel.

Volk: I am really hungry.

Wehrl: Really really hungry.

And after a lot of hard work, the hundreds of hungry volunteers didn't seem to mind the delicious reward.

Wehrl: It's delicious, it's like really flavorful

Volk: I thought this looks much better then school food.

The food must have been as good as it looks, judging by all of the empty plates.

Watson: I'm glad I could help out and I'm glad they enjoyed it.

Other restaurants will be providing lunch. On Tuesday it'll be Maxwell's, on Thursday, Rhombus Guys pizza, and on Saturday the 11th, Famous Dave's.