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Published April 01, 2013, 05:24 PM

Volunteer Hotline is now open to help fight a potential flood

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- The City of Fargo and Cass County needs 1 million sandbags to help fight a potential flood.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- The City of Fargo and Cass County needs 1 million sandbags to help fight a potential flood.

Phone lines are now open for you to sign up to help meet that need. Day shifts are already filling up, but the need is still great. Since 8 this morning the phone lines here at First Link have been steady with people ready to lend a helping hand.

Cindy: "We're just answering calls, telling people where to go, where we're going to need help and the expectations of the days ahead."

Staff has been busy scheduling volunteers on specific days and time slots to make sure things run smoothly when sandbag central opens on Wednesday.

Cindy: "What we are looking for is groups of 5 or more to call the 476-4000 number to let us know what day they are hoping to come and someone from the city will call them back to make sure it's set. We obviously don't want 8 thousand volunteers coming on a day that would be more then what we need."

To put a number with the need...300 volunteers are needed each hour within the 3 to 7 P-M time slot to keep things up and running.

Cindy: "We need volunteers at the help line and we need lots of volunteers at sandbag central."

To fulfill volunteer needs the Chamber has reached out to all of it's businesses, by the end of the day more than 100 volunteers should be signed up.

Craig: "I think the closer it gets and the more snow begins to melt the interest level will pick up."

An email was sent out on Thursday looking for volunteers.

Whitney: "We already have one of our businesses as an example say they're going to send 30 employees."

The Chamber has played a major role with volunteer efforts in previous years. With 2000 members and more than 80 thousand employees the chamber hopes to do the same this year.

Whitney: "We have one of our staff people that is dedicated to helping make sure that we get the people scheduled."

Locals aren't the only ones ready to pitch in, a group from Bismarck has already signed up to help fight high waters.

To volunteer, call the 24 hour hotline at 701 476 4000

Sandbag central will be open From 8 A-M to 7 P-M Wednesday, April 3, through Saturday, April 6. It will be Closed on Sunday, April 7, and re-open 8 A-M to 7 P-M, April 8 through 13.