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Published March 22, 2013, 09:11 PM

Anti-abortion bill passes in North Dakota

(WDAY TV) -- Today, North Dakota lawmakers say "yes" to what some call extreme measures.

(WDAY TV) -- Today, North Dakota lawmakers say "yes" to what some call extreme measures.

Three more anti-abortion bills passed through the senate, which could essentially outlaw the procedure. It's news that's grabbing national attention. USA Today, the L-A Times and New York Daily News, to name a few.

If bills like the personhood and heartbeat bill make it into law. North Dakota could see some of the most-strict abortion bans in the country. And that's not sitting so well with some.

"we have women who come in who are victims of sexual assault, rape, incest."

It's an emotional debate. And with multiple bills proposing bans against abortion, it's at the forefront in North Dakota.

"Honestly, it's absolutely mind blowing that there were that many and some of them are absolutely, blatantly, most of them, unconstitutional."

2 bills are off to the governor's office for his signature. The personhood bill, shutdown by the senate, will go before the people, on the ballot. If passed, the law would define at what stage life begins.

"These are not easy decisions for any of us to make. But I can live with my convictions."

"how can we, with a clear conscious, pass such a dangerous piece of legislation."

"Either you are for life or you are against it. But don't politicize it."

Senate Bill 2368 defines life as starting at conception. It would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Another, would require a doctor performing an abortion to have admitting privileges to a near by hospital.

That passed as easily.

"I know that many people are saying, this will be fine, this isn't going to stop anything in Fargo. I really question, whether all of us are knowledgeable enough to make that call."

Some don't want these bills mixed in with politics at all. Rather, a private, personal decision.

"Women don't have abortions because everything is going right in their life. Women have abortions because many things aren't going right in their life."

Other abortion bills are still awaiting the governor's signature. Those would ban abortions sought because of genetic defects and when a heart beat is detected. That can be as early as six weeks.