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Published March 16, 2013, 05:05 PM

Lake Crisis Center is short staffed and full almost every night

Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) -- Just this year, eight women have been slain in Minnesota.

Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) -- Just this year, eight women have been slain in Minnesota.

Each one killed by a boyfriend or a husband. Supporters from all over the state are pleading for more help to end domestic violence.

Susie Felt: "People that come here are leaving abusive situations and need someplace safe to go."

This is the lake crisis and resource center. It's full, practically every night.

Felt: "all the kids that we work with are affected by trauma in some way. So, there's a lot of different things that come along with that."

On average about 22 people call this their temporary home. Tonight, ten of them are children. But there are just two people to care for them. Susie Felt says it's far from enough.

Felt: "we're busy and when we're short staffed we are trying to do a million things at once, so we may not be providing the best possible services but we are doing as best as we can."

It's a proven stat. Chances are your mother, sister or daughter, one of them could end up a victim of rape or abuse.

Jan Logan: "only if you live it, can you truly understand it."

Executive director, Jan Logan, stresses the need is great, but anyone can lend a hand.

Jan Logan:"maybe people out there think they need a specific skill. To sit down and read a book to a child, you just need to know how to read."

The cost of the crisis center is a pretty tall order. The state only covers a portion of the annual half a million dollar bill. And, they're coming up short.

Felt: "when we're not able to provide those things then, you know, the clients are getting the short end of the stick where if we had more volunteers, if we had more staff, if we had more funding, we could provide more of those things."

Lakes Crisis, as well as other centers depend on donations, but in the last two years, funding has dropped nearly 20 percent.