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Published March 11, 2013, 09:40 PM

Last month was a dangerous one on the roads

Minnesota (WDAY TV) -- Minnesota State Troopers call the last month in the West Central region unfortunate and unnecessary.

Minnesota (WDAY TV) -- Minnesota State Troopers call the last month in the West Central region unfortunate and unnecessary.

In that time, there have been more than 850 accidents and vehicles going into the ditch. That's not a big area, basically between Moorhead and Alexandria.

Troopers are concerned these numbers will keep rising with this weather pattern were stuck in, we're finding out you don't need a big storm right now for slick roads.

This is the storm that kicked off this surge in accidents and vehicles sliding into the ditch. February 10th was a nasty weekend, much of the area saw more than 9 inches of snow. 165 vehicles went off the road this day.

A week later another head ache on the roads, this time high winds caused white out conditions, remember this semi with the double trailer twisted up like a pretzel. The day ended with 17 crashes, one person died.

And then you have this weekend, little snow, some wind, temps close to the freezing mark, not very intimidating but we had nearly 200 crashes and vehicles going into the ditch.

Sgt. Jesse Grabow with the MN State Patrol: "conditions created that blow ice out there."

And we may see that blow ice, North Dakota state climatologist Adnan Akyuz says we're stuck in this weather pattern for at least another week.

Adnan: "wetness starts and we keep getting these storms back to back."

A little precipitation here and there, temps creeping up to that freezing point during the day but then dipping back down at night. It's the same recipe served up this weekend.

Jesse: "it's just so unpredictable you don't know what it's going to bring, you always need to evaluate that driving situation because things change out here that quick."

Here's totals from the Minnesota state patrol for the last 30 days,

remember this is just in our region. 625 vehicles have gone in the ditch.

On top of that there have been 232 crashes, troopers say what's most concerning 141 of those crashes are rollovers.

Jesse: "this does not need to be our annual reality out here, whether it's a mild or busy winter if people would just take the time to plan ahead and slow down we wouldn't have these issues.."

Those numbers are just from state highways, it doesn't include all of the county roads. Troopers say all it takes is slowing down to keep you from being one of those statistics.