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Published February 01, 2013, 09:54 PM

Remote-car starters are flying off the shelves in the Metro

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- This weather has drivers begging for the heat. Many find comfort with their remote-car starters.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- This weather has drivers begging for the heat. Many find comfort with their remote-car starters.

Installing one of these doesn't look comfortable.

Mitch Kramer/Tintmasters: " I don't know how many I've worked on so far this year."

But anything inside is better than bearing this brutal cold outside.

Mitch Kramer: "Having a warm vehicle. An extremely warm vehicle. Not having to go out and scrape your windows every time that it snows out."

Yes, auto start can save you a lot of time. It even saves your body shop from needless work under the hood.

Mitch Kramer: "A lot of vehicles come in that have very cold days when they're driving, you get a lot of build up of condensation in the engine oil."

A job like this stacks up, upwards of a couple hundred dollars. In certain cases, even more.

Hopping into a warm car may seem like a bright idea, but it could cost you.

Mitch Kramer: "You're going to be wasting gas, well not wasting it, but using it for things than actually traveling."

You could be wasting extra fuel, but in the end these guys say driving a warm car versus a cold one will save you cash at the pump down the road.

And with temperatures like this, auto starts are flying off the shelves.

Jason Christopherson/Tintmasters Motorsports: "When temperatures in January go to 40, we slow down. When they go to 20 below, we jump up."

Last month, business was booming an extra 25 percent.

Jason Christopherson: "Towards the middle of January, typically this industry starts to slow down. People start planning for next year. They'll put off the expense til next year. But when you see a drop, ya know, to negative ten, negative 20, people will say, ya know I'm going to get it next year anyway. I could be comfortable this year. I can see the forecast is going to be to be nasty so I'll get it now."

In the last two weeks, this dealer alone installed 52 systems.

"Definitely more installations when it seems to get that cold front. It really reminds people that they hate going out and starting their cars

Tintmasters says business has been more steady with the cold weather, compared to last year's warm winter.