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Published January 30, 2013, 09:39 PM

Fairmount students to show North Dakota Legislation how they want to fight bullying

Fairmount, ND (WDAY TV) - A small school is sending a big message to North Dakota Legislation.

Fairmount, ND (WDAY TV) - A small school is sending a big message to North Dakota Legislation.

Fairmount students are one out of only ten schools in the state, who will be showcased in a collaborative project.

WDAY six reporter Andrea Hubbell teaches us how they plan to fight bullying.

Paige Meyer, Student: "We have different assignments for each class."

In between the glue, the paper, and a gym full of peers. There’s a message and they're hoping it sticks.

Meyer: "It's all about bullying and how to prevent bullying."

Paige isn't on the assignment alone. These little guys are helping too.

Meyer: "They know what it feels like to be hurt. The tattling, that's probably their form of bullying."

This week, they're working on a video.

Meyer: "You had to have 300 pictures."

It's made up of all different things.

Meyer: "Put captions and music and titles. All that stuff in."

From elementary to senior high, the goal is the same.

Yolanda Luick, Fairmount Teacher: "It's important that people learn to work together as a team and that's, that's life."

Ms. Luick is heading this year's collaboration project and she picked the theme too.

Yuick: "You need to accept what each person brings to the table. Everybody has places where they excel; everybody has places where they are weak."

On February 28th, videos like this one, will be showcased in from of our own North Dakota Legislation.

Meyer: "We decided to name ours, 'No More Gray Days'."

She's hasn't seen the act first hand but bullying in Fairmount is not a stranger.

Meyer: "Even in our small school, it does happen every once in a while. It's not as large as in bigger schools, but it does happen."

So, this is their chance to have their voices heard, no matter their size.

Meyer: "We have like a hundred kids in our school. We are taking the lead on things and showing other schools that, to take the initiative to do something."

Because in between pasting and their final project, there’s the message; a life lesson and learning to work together.

The school will show off their final projects to the public starting February 12th. They take their top project to legislators February 28th.