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Published January 18, 2013, 05:25 PM

A family pet is being known as a Perham miracle

Perham, MN (WDAY TV) -- A much-loved family pet is back home after a long-journey nearly took his life.

By: Andrea Hubbell, WDAY, WDAY

Perham, MN (WDAY TV) -- A much-loved family pet is back home after a long-journey nearly took his life.

There's nothing better than growing up beside your best friend.

"He was the birthday present to Courtney and Quentin."

Watching them grow and learn.

Ryan Frohling/Maverick's Owner: "he's a good hunting dog, a good family dog ya know, let's the kids rough house with him."

But there's also nothing worse than losing them. That lump in your throat, when worry has taken hold of your heart.

"I called for him to come back in and he wasn't there."

This is maverick. Yes a pet, a dog, a yellow lab even. But most of all he's what they are calling a miracle.

"I got a call from our neighbor and said somebody had stopped in at his house a said there's yellow lab that looked like he had gotten hit by a car."

You see, Maverick went missing nearly two weeks before.

This is the ditch where they found him, just a half a mile from their house.

"He was just this little skinny guy too"

Maverick was clipped by a car. His leg nearly torn off. Battered, bruised and barely hanging on.

William Rose/Lakeland Veterinary Clinic: "A big part of it is right here, is his determination but I think the other thing is I think the cold weather really helped."

The frigid temps helped slow his blood flow just long enough for this family member to make it home. Any longer, and he wouldn't have made it.

"Pretty amazing critter, just to survive that long."

Slowly but surely Maverick came around.

"He's back to pretty much his normal personality that he had before."

Each and everyday he's growing stronger.

"You have to remember to put the boot on him to take him outside."

Finding his footing, his balance and his place back home.

"He's really come around and he's really bounced back to the same dog except minus one leg."

Maverick is healing, but is still having nerve trouble with the same leg, that was removed.