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Published January 16, 2013, 09:22 PM

Bone cancer not stopping Pelican Rapids junior from taking the field

Pelican Rapids, MN (WDAY TV) - A Pelican Rapids junior has battled more than most kids his age can ever imagine.

By: Kay Cooley, WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY

Pelican Rapids, MN (WDAY TV) - A Pelican Rapids junior has battled more than most kids his age can ever imagine.

AJ Wroe, a successful high school athlete, is fighting back from bone cancer.

WDAY 6 Reporter Kay Cooley shows us the steps he's taking to overcome his life-changing obstacle.

It's a sound every baseball player can't wait to hear come spring season.

AJ Wroe, Pelican Rapids Junior: "It feels good to break a sweat again."

AJ Wroe grew up to that snap of the mit and crack of the bat, just like any other ball player. But now when you take a closer look beyond his sweat and determination, you'll notice one thing stands out.

Wroe: "December 27th of last year is when I had my amputation."

A tumor near AJ's knee not only took his leg, but his ability to play.

Wroe: "I never thought this could happen to me, you know."

After making Pelican Rapids' varsity team as a freshman at pitcher and shortstop.

Wroe: "It's a huge change. It's completely changed the way I look at life."

The things that once came so natural, like walking or picking up a ball for the first time,

Wroe: "It's definitely something to adjust to."

No longer do.

Wroe: "Every mile that a normal person walks, I'd say it's twice as hard for me."

But a few weeks ago, AJ was fitted for a new prosthetic.

Wroe: "We went down to Shriners, down in the cities, and they paid for everything."

Harold Holt, History Teacher/Coach: "You know, one little bump in the road and he's coming back."

And come March he hopes to receive yet another special leg that will let him get back to the field he calls home.

Wroe: "I'm excited, ready to play."

Holt: "He inspires other kids just by doing it and whether he plays or not, it's going to be a success"

A remarkable story of success that is only just beginning

Wroe: "I'm not so judgmental anymore. I think before I speak and kind of put myself into other people's shoes."

Shoes that are sure to take AJ well beyond the baseball mound.

AJ also played football and basketball for the Vikings. Baseball practice begins mid-March.