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Published January 09, 2013, 05:38 PM

Upcoming cold air could mean problems for your homes

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - Get Ready. A blast of arctic air is heading our way this weekend.

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - Get Ready. A blast of arctic air is heading our way this weekend.

It looks like the cold will be here for a while and that could mean some big problems for home owners and municipalities.

WDAY 6 reporter Rob Kupec is live in Moorhead with more on how we can make sure our homes are ready for the freeze.

Moorhead Public Service is finishing up repairing another water main break here at 20th avenue and 6th street south. Our lack of snow and dry ground means that we will likely see a deep frost depth next week. There's not a lot the city can do to prepare for the cold but around your house there is.

Jim Wolters, Laney’s Plumbing & Heating: “There's been times when we've had below zero weather for you know 15, 20 days that I know that we were constantly out thawing pipe, repairing pipes.”

And the crew at Laney's is ready for what could be a busy week, but if you don't want to have to make a service call here's what you can do.

Leave a little water dripping from your faucet. This will keep just enough water moving to usually prevent a freeze.

Leave cabinets around pipes open to let air circulate. And not all inside pipes are really inside.

Wolters: “Some poly piping is in the garage wall which is considered an inside wall, but I had a gentleman one time that had left his, his son left his garage door open. Consequently the pipes on the inside of the wall froze and burst.”

Septic systems will be especially vulnerable if the frost depth gets deep. You should consider a cover for the part near you house.

And it's not just home owners. City water mains will be very vulnerable this weekend

Chris Knutson, Moorhead Public Works: “If we have kind of a warm situation like we've had the last week and then we have a significant temperature decrease that's when we can start to have problems.”

Moorhead says that they ready to go should more mains break which is just a fact of winter in our area.

Now also keep an eye on those sump pumps discharges but they should be inside and with our dry weather likely not running.