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Published January 02, 2013, 09:55 PM

After last year’s party, championship site preparing for 8,000 Bison fans

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - If you couldn't make it down to Frisco to watch the Bison, we've got you covered with news and sports teams there.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - If you couldn't make it down to Frisco to watch the Bison, we've got you covered with news and sports teams there.

And we're getting our first look at where the biggest party in Frisco will be this weekend: The pep rally on Friday night.

You may have heard last year, a hotel convention center didn't work out too well, people were shoulder to shoulder, it was extremely loud and chaotic and they even ran out of booze.

That won't be a problem this time as the whole town is preparing for all the Bison fans.

Final touches are being done to this field, getting it ready for Saturday’s big game. Outside of this stadium this town is preparing as 13,000 bison fans will be here soon.

Bison fans left their mark on this town a year ago, so much that one bar even sports a permanent Bison flag.

3rd Base Bar & Grill opened six years ago. The general manager says it’s one of the busiest bar/restaurant places in the Dallas-Frisco area. Well last year when Bison fans were in town that Friday and Saturday set the record for the two highest sales days for the place.

Robert Verich, GM 3rd Base Bar & Grill: “That Saturday I woke up, it looked like we'd been out of business for a year. There was nothing left so this year we're ready. We have more than enough to take care of everybody."

Frisco's mayor told us today lots of places weren't ready last year, but they are now. He says Bison fans are making this a second home. He's getting dozens of emails and calls to cover everything.

Mayor Maher Maso, Frisco, Texas: "One of them even sent me the dictionary on how to properly pronounce Bison, not "biSe-uhn" but "bize-uhn" so I think we have the A-Z pretty well covered with you all."

And how about this Bison fans -- this is where you'll be partying Friday night. Dr. Pepper stadium is the sight of the pep rally and it is sweet.

Staff is now putting a max capacity at 8,000 fans for the event; nearly 6,000 tickets are already sold.

The stage and band will be on the field, with fans in the seats and concourse and all of those buildings you see in the background will be open and serving food and beer. And if you're wondering, the answer is "yes”, they heard what happened at last year’s event.

Scott Sonju, President, Dr. Pepper Ballpark: “We have actually a Budweiser truck nearby that's refrigerated, that's stocked with additional supplies should they be needed."

The last major non-baseball event held here was a "One Direction" concert. Now the staff is wondering what's more rowdy: 9,000 screaming teenage girls or 8,000 Bison fans from North Dakota.

They'll have outdoor heaters, but it will be chilly so if you're going to that pep rally be sure to take a coat down with you.